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    Xolo Q700 with quad-core CPU, 4.5 inch qHD display and 2400 mAh battery Coming Soon

    This has the MTK6589W chip, which is the low-spec version of the typical MTK6589. GPU is clocked slower, can't drive 720p displays and can't take 1080p videos.
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    Media player for my HDTV.

    Using a Himedia 900B since past two weeks. Very happy with it. Cost 10k (on ebay after 10% coupon). Consider other brand products (Measy X5, eGreat RS6, etc) based on same Realtek 1186DD chipset. This is currently the best option if playing back 3D ISOs is important for you. If not, there are...
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    'ASUS RT-N56U' Dual-Band Wireless N router

    What would be a good Wireless N adapter (USB or PCI) that can really USE the throughput of this RT-N56U? did a little digging around and saw some recommendations for the Intel 5xxx/6xxx series of mimi-PCIE cards, but that needs additional adapters/antennae for use on a PC. Any suggestions folks?
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    PC Peripherals Corsair Service Centre Policy in india

    Mt Tx650 conked off over the weekend. Submitted @ Kaizen SP Rd for RMA on tuesday and got a relplacement unit 48 hours later! Excellent turn around time.
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    Kaspersky Antivirus & Internet Security Genuine Activation Codes

    Paid 260/- for Kaspersky Internet Security 1 user / 1 year. PMed you the details. Thanks.
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    Kaspersky Antivirus & Internet Security Genuine Activation Codes

    Interested in Kaspersky Antivirus 2010/2011 (1 User) 1 Year @ 210/- Please PM payment details. Thx.
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    HTC Desire in Bangalore

    Brown HTC Desire available @ Akshar Telecom for 26.3k net.
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    Galaxy S or XT720 or Desire

    Went to a showroom yesterday and used both SGS and Desire (and had a peep at the XT720 just for the heck of it). I really liked the superior hardware in the SGS and wanted to buy it. Was hoping against hope that this plasticky build quality everybody talks about was just an exaggeration. I was...
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    Huawei E122 HSDPA 3G USB Modem 7.2Mbps 3G Mobile Broadband Rs 2250/- FREE Shipping

    Re: Huawei E122 HSDPA 3G USB Modem 7.2Mbps 3G Mobile Broadband Rs 2250/- FREE Shippi @dvdstoredelhi, placed order on your site. Transferred 2250 to your ICICI a/c. Please confirm receipt.
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    PC Peripherals Best Printer/AIO for Home use

    Thanks for that input. Which is a comparable model from HP at the same price (around 8.5k net)? This one has Wi-Fi, which is important for me, as well as CISS capable.
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    PC Peripherals Best Printer/AIO for Home use

    Can anyone help provide info on how the Epson TX550W (available in India) compares to the NX515 (I guess not available in India)? Any feedback on how good the TX550W is? TIA.
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    GT5 delayed !!! again

    Starting to compete with Duke Nukem Forever?
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    Car & Bike Is xtra premium petrol really good compare to normal unleaded?

    Leaving aside additives in pump fuel, Premium unleaded petrol in general will provide better performance only in engines that can make use of it. This means the vast majority of vehicles in India will not benefit from it. In cars we find abroad, the engine ECM advances ignition timing (which in...
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    Video LCD TV as a monitor

    I use my 46" Samsung 6000 series for playing back HD videos. While the videos themselves look awesome, the text on the desktop / windows etc looks a bit crap and not as good as on my 22" Benq LCD monitor.
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    RO water purifier's reoccuring costs

    Been using a Kent RO since Jan 2005. Over the course of these 5 years, literally everything other than the shell itself have been changed (obviously not all at once) atleast once (membrane, pump, valve), sometimes more (sediment/carbon filters). TDS of input water (from borewell) is ~600. Output...
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    Daemon Tools on windows 7

    Re: Deamon Tool on windows 7 ^^ Yep, versions earlier than this did not install on Win7, exhibiting the endless SPTD install loop.
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    Video Calling all WD HD media player Users !

    TechHead and vinayaga, I already have the audio settings on the WDTV set to digital out, but no go. And I believe I have this issue with DD as well as DTS (I'll need to double check). vinayaga, which Onkyo do you have and what kind of input switching settings have you set on it? BTW, I do have...
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    Video Calling all WD HD media player Users !

    I've never managed to get DTS passthrough working with my WDTV first edition and my Onkyo TX-SR505E using optical cable. Please help me vinayaga :(
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    No HDMI output to KLV-32S200A from 5670

    Could be because the resolution your 5670 was driving the Sony at, isn't natively supported by the Sony? That should be pretty easy to confirm.