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  1. vivek.krishnan

    Linux Problem updating Pi

    Then it's maybe logs which might be taking up the space. Check that too.
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    Looking to buy a NUC for testing. Pentium is more than enough, barebones too fine. Use case if for testing some linux apps which I am unable to properly deploy on the Pi Budget is as low as possible, since this would be donated post completion of the project. I would prefer to get it around...
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    Linux Problem updating Pi

    Issue is then with your mounting. When the device reboots, the USB mount becomes invalid. Ways to fix - easy way was to install OMV. The hit on resources was negligible. Mounting is never an issue plus webui means far more ease of use. When configuring the downloads folder, I would just SSH...
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    Linux Problem updating Pi

    @OP you are clearly out of space. Check if the apps are storing the metadata on the root partition - try changing it. Or if you have a downloader, its clearly downloading to the root partition. The latter occurred to me because the mount point got messed up and transmission defaulted to the...
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    PC Peripherals Intel Quad NIC availability

    Getting hold of these is not an issue - pricing is. If you had picked up earlier for 8K (which I believe was the price then), now they are nothing short of upwards of 12-15K. You need to look at server spares dealers. I have just maybe 2 pcs of the quad port as spares with me, I think. I will...
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    Pathetic exp. with SBI customer care. Never ever own their credit cards.

    SBI customer care is a joke. Their CC is practically inoperative and email support is equally crap. Had to mail nodal officer for getting a colleague's card closed.
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    Plz suggest great Eng spy espionage movies

    Thanks. I have actually not had time to download stuff since I had sorta packedup/decommissioned my equipment. Will not bother.
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    Upgrade mainly for Win 11 - G6400 is Good Enough for 43" - 4K TV to watch OTT contents -

    Yes, easily. It has the UHD 610 which is capable of H265, so can be quite future proof from media perspective.
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    Budget 51-70k Laptop for Office Use

    Very true. And if available, price is jacked up like anything.
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    Android Control / Access Phone given to worker for business

    Look no further than ManageEngine. Free for upto 26 devices we have been testing this out as well.
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    Youtube Downloader

    Look no further than yt-dl if you need to just download them. The current version is not maintained, but works. Look for yt-dlp and other forks. The main issue is poor speeds while downloading, but can be fixed with some python editing.
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    User Review Jabra Elite 65t TWS Bluetooth Earphones

    I am enjoying mine, the only con I see is that pairing them sometimes is a PITA. Had to reset and then only was able to pair to my laptop for calls.
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    Privacy advocates raise concern over Apple scanning iPhones for child abuse images

    Apparently the negativity was too much, plus unwanted trolling.
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    VPN with Indian server

    Sorry for the late replies, f**** up work pressure with not even taking weekends off for the past several weeks. As @vyral_143 has mentioned, Speedify does work - click the X button and 2GB monthly. I use this when I need to quickly troubleshoot stuff which happens especially when peering goes...
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    Less than 10K Looking for a good phone around 10k for a relative

    POCO is just a rebranded Redmi/Mi. Best example of this is the Mi 11X here in India - K40 Redmi and POCO F3. All suffer from proximity sensor issue. I have no idea about the Helios, but with updates on the 9 Power, loading the phone with apps makes it show its age. With another phone just...
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    Privacy advocates raise concern over Apple scanning iPhones for child abuse images

    Apple Mail =! Your phone. Learn to make distinctions. You keep making mixing statements like charger & headphone removals and privacy. Do you even understand whats happening? As for your insenstive comment about gays, you are definately blind for all I see. And shows that according to you...
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    Budget 15-20K Is AMOLED (any brand) really Fragile?

    my poco f1 has fallen multiple times from my hands, but never sustained any issue. My collegue's F1 on the other hand cracked. Similarly another collegues S8 never had issues, but another collegues wife's S8 display died twice I think its more to do with how you use it, and put protective...
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    FS: Others Dead mac book pro, apply mac mini 2008 model parts for sale, HP DV 1000 function keys bar

    If the display is working and if someone wants a 2009 MBP with a dead display for which I believe you can swap it, lemme know. No charges. I am from Mumbai
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    Video iBox: It came, I saw, it conquered!

    I know of 1 person who has done something similar. Another person has been quoted and he actually was laughing with me on the cost. At a certain level, people just want things to work. Think of this as outsourcing your media to someone else. Content - I dont want to get into this because its...
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    Privacy advocates raise concern over Apple scanning iPhones for child abuse images

    Your first line itself is a oxymoron. The point is not about detection. Its the uploading in the name of CSAM. Do you think the average person cares? Most dont and still assume its a status symbol. It will take sometime to trickle down. Apple pitches their privacy when in reality, they are not...