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    Wow something to mark a historical thread :P Welcome Priya and welcome back myself :D
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    Almost NEW Samsung Focus running Mango with original box and accessories

    ^^ Congrats that the phone is sold and you managed to get my posts deleted after reporting. When does the next thread start ? I guess next bid by you for another phone is already done and its on the way via SnS. @the MOD who is deleting --- Plz at least bother to drop me a PM which I have...
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    Act Tv Bangalore: 10 Mbps Unlimited for Rs 1299

    Re: Act Tv Bangalore: 5Mbps Unlimited for Rs 1299 ^^ WOW Damn Good :D So its worth the wait :)....Congrats You are near Indiranagar 100ft road right ?
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    Almost NEW Samsung Focus running Mango with original box and accessories

    Why were the posts deleted? The MOD who deleted please care to explain ? Plz drop a PM as it wasn't OT at all and I hope you guys refrain to do so! And it took an hour for me to post all that info. Plz PM me the post details back to me :@ If I dont get an explanation via this thread or PM which...
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    Deals for Domestic Flights through Indian Travel Sites

    ^^ Even cheaper than say Yatra after flat Rs 500 discount ? Say a Bangalore-Mumbai flight from Jan 2nd onwards is 2500 after the YATRA coupon...can you manage lower than that ?
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    Almost NEW Samsung Focus running Mango with original box and accessories

    ^^ Its totally fine and as per market rules. Just as you said its impossible to get a mint Focus for less than 13k (since u r selling for no loss no profit) I posted all the info. Since its no loss no profit as stated by you...and your reason for sale is someone backed suggested by...
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    Almost NEW Samsung Focus running Mango with original box and accessories

    ^^ May be yes...but lot of slightly used phones(mint) r up for 120$ or so (ATT Locked ones) in bidding. Since u told 9k is not possible..I am posting the links..otherwise I wouldn't have All these are listing which I have bid on 2 days back to find out the fair price eBay - New & used...
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    Almost NEW Samsung Focus running Mango with original box and accessories

    The buying ebay price + SNS charges should be made clear. Since everyone is selling focus these days telling someone backed out. We can clearly say, we import take the risk and sell the item for a small profit. There's nothing wrong in that. Of course at 12999, with ebay prices and sns charges...
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    Flipkart - Feedback Thread

    Re: has any one used it? Its beacuse of your lovely State Govt.It was same with Left and now even more moronic. Why dont any ppl even protest against this ? Year after year WB is becoming a more retarded place :P
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    Android Market Apps for 10 cents

    Me getting this error as well after pressing Continue....even before the payment screen
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    Mac OS I finally get it about Apple fanboys

    ^^ Fine if those statements were to pinch member and have some fun...I am game with that :D...but unfortunately those 2 posts being one liners ....will look the other way to any member :)
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    Mac OS I finally get it about Apple fanboys

    Answer from LT will be he is doing what he is supposed to do...keeping the forums clean of any flaming, bashing etc. Its just a preemptive prevention measure ....for me its just going over the board when you have nothing else to do ala "Mr. Sibal"
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    Mac OS I finally get it about Apple fanboys

    What are you trying to achieve here ?You dont need to stand with stick and post here these 1 liners after every 20 posts ! A new class monitor in 1st standard usually does that :rofl: @OP Congrats on the Mac....Enjoy :D
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    Nokia Lumia 800 Pre Orders Open

    ^^ Just a typo saar...isn't it very obvious !
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    Camera Nikon D3100 or Canon 1100D ?

    ^^ Pass me the dealer name and contact no if possible :P Also $ rate in Sept was arnd 46 or so...nw its 52 !! so even 32k would be impossible nw :( @ Gannu--- Coupon doesn't work with DOW items :(
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    Ainovo novo7 - 7" Capacitive ICS Running Tablet for 99$

    ^^ Damn how do you become a lawyer for Apple. We know the tech terms and BS software patents better than those retarded lawyers ! But those lawyers know how to rip off Apple and win cases and feed the money to the hooker$ :D Still people will buy the iPAD Shuffle
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    Camera Nikon D3100 or Canon 1100D ?

    Now an offer of 34k for the EOS 550D from a very reliable place with some freebies have my mind in circles again :P Nikon prices r gng through the roof every week ....its almost 27k nw D3100 at that price is mostly out. Tried out with all the three 1100D, 550D , D3100 in the weekend ...
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    Camera Nikon D3100 or Canon 1100D ?

    Thanks for pouring in all the feedback guys :D Actually getting the Canon 110D with IS lens kit + 4GB Card + Canon Bag for arnd 26000 shipped. FREE Sandisk 16GB SD Card and Osaka MCUV Filter as well. So if its decent enough and since its my 1st DSLR dont wanna spend too much. 550D is as costly...
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    Camera Nikon D3100 or Canon 1100D ?

    Well need an entry-level DSLR Cheap lens is a must, so looking forward to the Canon 1100D more even though its performance is a bit of a let down and the built quality utter plasticity. D3100 is slightly more exp (2k more) than 1100D as well. Video performance is non-issue as 720p is more than...
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    Credit card for paypal against deposit? help!!!

    Btw how much time does the activation of the ICICI Instant Credit card take ?