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    Urgent Help needed -Seller is vanished after money transfer

    ^ He has mentioned that the seller has removed the Sale thread from the forums now
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    Car & Bike best sedan car to buy

    Why isnt anyone recommending Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8G ? It fits the 12L budget , it dsnt have the Ground clearance issues akin to Civic nor has poor Support/Service like Skoda.
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    Urgent Help needed -Seller is vanished after money transfer

    You can go the Cyber Crime Office in Bangalore and which the Transaction Proofs lodge a case against him. Once you lodge a CAse you can get the Details about this person from RBS Bank or his Cell Service Provider. Using these details you can track down this person. OT- howcome you are not able...
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    Asus RT-n16

    Bump 10 Char
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    Happy Birthday Decentboi

    Happy Bday Saar!
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    Laptops Where to buy laptop messenger bag in Delhi?

    Sorry to bump this but anyone have updated knowledge on where i can purchase Targus Bags in delhi?
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    Asus RT-n16

    There are many people who sell Boxed pack products here since the scenario changes during the delivery time, So please do not comment on that. I admitted by mistake of posting pics without paper and then posted them so that inconvenience to anyone was minimized. I have answered your questions...
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    Asus RT-n16

    If you only had 4K to begin with then why even bother showing interest when the price mentioned clearly is 5.6K ? You should have not shown interest at all incase it was out of your budget in the first place! I mean you have posted twice in this thread asking various details so i am sure that...
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    Amar Chitra Katha & Other Graphic Novels Now @ Tradus.In

    A tintin costs 360 now :w00t: !! I used to buy a brand new one for 90 bucks :ashamed:
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    Storage Solutions Seagate Free Agent Warranty info

    I have a 1tb FreeAgent from Seagate. Now the adapter provided with the drive isnt working.I thought of RMA'ing but before doing that i thought i would check the warranty on this drive from here . Now the problem is that after entering the drive details i am getting this message That means its...
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    Asus RT-n16

    Like the above poster please do not lowball to extremes like 4K for a brand new boxed product that retails for for 6.2K in market. Bump!
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    System Upgrades!

    AWesome setup saar including the The Simpsons couch figurine :ashamed: Though dsnt the white light from speaker bother you in the night?
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    Microsoft Is Financially Helping GeoHot To Fight Against Sony?

    Geohotz isnt accepting donations as of now. According to the site the first round of donations are over and he is able to meet his legal costs as of now. Makes you wonder about the MS funding hoax!
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    Help me find a Laptop bag with following features.

    Even i havnt ordered anything from delta or knw anyone who has .. i would most probably be going to DEvarj road today , will let u knw if i find something interesting :P
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    Help me find a Laptop bag with following features.

    Thanks a ton Sunny27. I will check with them to see if its available in all black. The material is 1680D , now thats as tuff as they come but thats the reason why the bag alone weighs 2Kg !
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    Asus RT-n16

    PIcs updated with Paper. Bump!
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    laptop backpack buying advice

    check this thread
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    Help me find a Laptop bag with following features.

    You have Targus Wanderer right? I couldnt find it DeltaPage; The closest was Targus Feren or Fusion
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    Trailer : Dead Island

    Sorry i didnt search for the same in my haste. Mods Can this thread be trashed!
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    Dead Island - Discussion Thread

    Re: The "Dead Island" Thread [PC] [PS3] [360] Animated Trailer has set a High standard for this game, hope it lives upto it :)