Deal of the Week :SoundMagic PL30 + Fiio E3 @ 1199 - In stock

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Deal of the Week : SoundMagic PL30 + Fiio E3


Headphone amplifier E3
------The smallest portable headphone amplifier in the world!

E3 is a headphone amplifier, it’s design to improves the sound quality for MP3 MP4 Players
Computers or Mobile Phones when using earphones or headphones.Save your player battery and
lengthen the play time when playing music.
It’s not about volume but Quality. A great pair of headphones can change you're listening
experience--but only if they are driven well and properly powered. Put an E3 Headphone Amplifier
between your music source and your favorite pair of headphones or earphones for an awesome
personal listening experience right between your ears.
● Designed for high impendence and low sensitivity headphones, with bass boost function;
● Small and easy to carry and use in the outdoors;
● Increase your music player's play time;
● Uses only one AAA battery, for 20 hours playtime.
Output Power 70 mW (32 ohms Loaded)
12 mW (300 ohms Loaded)
Signal to Noise Ratio >= 90 dB (A Weight)
Distortion < 0.05% (10 mW)
Frequency Response 10 Hz - 40 kHz
Suitable Headphone Impedance 16 ohms - 300 ohms
Weight 11 grams (without battery)
Power Supply 1 AAA Battery
Dimensions 55 mm x 23 mm x 14.5 mm
Review Link : Fiio amps? - Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio
Deal Price : 1199 - In Ready Stock


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Deal looks good.Any info on E5.Btb a friend of mine is looking to buy in bulk.Can u provide a legit VAT bill also.He doesn't mind paying the extra buck for VAT.

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sumchamp said:
Post info abt warranty details :)
1 year on both products. i think by tomorrow my name will be there on FiiO website as well listed. also i have a proper soundmagic certificate of the fact that i can sell their products here :D


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ok send me one of these with black E3

pls send PM for payment details

this is so irresistible, you are ruining the habit of cost cutting for so many people.

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