DFI P45, Ultima 90, TRad2 gtx & others

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Hey guys,
Below stuff for sale. Prices slightly negotiable. PM me ur offers.
Apologies for the picture quality. Only have a 1.3mp phone with me. Can post better ones when I get my 750i SE back from me sis
All prices exclude shipping. Major reason for sale - Need to raise money for new GFX & PSU

1. [STRIKE]DFI P45 T2S ELITE - 5500 rs REVISED[/STRIKE] Not selling

Bill date - 7 Sep 2009 (Bought from Prime online for 7400)
Product Link DFI LANParty:The Best OC Platform! Overclock, Motherboard, Intel, AMD
Cant believe I am selling this off :(. This is the kind of board that can touch 600 FSB easy, the reason had got it. Dont have enough time to utilize the board. Will be using my old 650i ultra. All accessories included.

2. Ultima 90i- 1500 rs
Bill date - 14 Mar 2009 (Got from theitwares for 2200)
Product Link Ultimate CPU Cooling Solutions! USA
Nothing is missing, all parts good. Small scratches near the fan clip holes. No damage apart from that. Little TIM left in the syringe may be for 3-4 applications. All accessories included.
Great cooler. Processor never went above 60c with this on. Also good for AMD. No time for overclocking. Need money desperately

3. Scythe fan 92 mm 2100 rpm - 500 rs
Bill date - 28 May 2009 (Bought from Prime 850)
Selling off the Ultima, so no use now. Comes with 3-4 pin converter

Ultima 90 + Scythe combo - 1800 rs (SOLD TO sudan_rulz)

4. T-Rad2 GTX - [STRIKE]1800[/STRIKE] 1500 rs (SOLD TO vivek90)

Bought - 18 Nov 2009 (From Prime for 2400) with bill
Product link Ultimate CPU Cooling Solutions! USA
Works with 8800gt/9600gt/9800gt/gts250/gts260/gtx275/gtx285/4850. Need extra VRM sinks to work with 4870,4890,5850,5870.
All accessories included. Only used a little TIM chill factor that came with it.
This was a last ditch effort to save my MSI 8800oc, didnt work. Temps did go down from 65-100 to 50-65. Fantastic cooler, might get same 1 in future.
T-Rad2 GTX + Sunbeamtech 12cm red led fan combo - 1700 rs/B]
Sunbeamtech Silent UV Led Fan purchased from Prime bill date 18 Dec 2008 for 450rs. Rated at 45 CFM, 1200 rpm

5.2x256 DDR1 400 Mhz Samsung - 400 rs both 250 rs each
Image 2

Can provide 5 days testing warranty, rest no warranty. Lying around useless. Work good. Confirmed 2 days ago in my office PC. Both same freqs, brand. Can be used dual channel


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ultima 90+fan on hold for me plse.....
ur contact no plse ,, if poss..
If poss plse call me at 9619376955 since i cant rply till 2 days..


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Ultima 90i is a nice cooler, compact, light, can be unmounted without unscrewing the entire mobo out, performance is good not cutting edge but very good in 24 x 7 ocing, @ Rs. 1500 it is a damn good deal. Gud luck.
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