DLink 2750U Modem - Unused with Bill & Warranty at Throwaway Price

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For Sale Product Information
  • Product Name: DLink 2750U ADSL2+ Modem Router
  • Expected Price: Rs 1600 Incl. Shipping at Buyers Risk (Was purchased for Rs. 2350/-)
  • Shipping charges: Included in listed price of Rs. 1600/-
  • Manufacturer page URL:http://www.dlink.co....oducts/?pid=452
  • Description if any: Its brand new, bought today itself, only to find it does not tether MTS Mblaze's internet to wifi. It only works with a Dlink 3G Modem which am not buying.
  • Reason for Sale:Will not accept MTS Mblaze USB Stick as a source of Internet
  • Product condition: 10 out of 10, just opened to disappoint myself.
  • Purchase Date: 24-4-2012
  • Remaining Warranty period: Shopkeeper said 1 year, bill with SN provided.
  • Warranty available in: India
  • Invoice Available: Posted Below (I had also purchased a laptop sleeve and USB hub, which are mentioned in the bill)

Basic information about myself
  • Shipping from: Mumbai
  • Shipping to: All over India
  • Preferred courier: Local Courier Company, delivery in 3-4 business days (Other companies like DTDC, Vichare throw tantrums)
  • Payment options: Bank Transfer/Cash Deposit


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pm bank details

Waiting for another guy's response who PM'ed me at 12.29AM.

If he backs out, I'll PM you.

Also, I am a new member here, but am an old member at Thinkdigit Forum with the same username.

Waiting for payment from Robotghost (Sorry, the username has upper and lower caps whose order I can't remember)


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Item will be shipped today evening to RoBoGhOsT.

Payment initiated by RoBoGhOsT, pending credit and shipping

7.45PM/26-April - Courier done, can't check if payment is credited as the system keeps logging me out (Should be credited tho)

9.25 AM/27 April - Money Received & Scan copy of courier receipt emailed
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