FS: 8800GT / 2 X 1Gb DDR2 desktop / laptop 512Mb DDR2

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Couple of things for sale:

1. EVGA 8800GT 512Mb Superclocked edition running @ 650Mhz

SOLD to H@cker

EVGA | Products
Carries lifetime US warranty. Bought in Feb08. Will help with RMA if ever required.

No box included (brought over from US so space was at a premium ;))
All accessories included, still sealed (the accessories, for all the smarta**es :bleh: ) except for 1 DVI-VGA converter that was opened :p

Never messed with clocks etc.


GPU-Z screenie

Reason or sale: 4850 on the way and I need to pay for it :ashamed:

2. [gcbeldar backed out after confirming :no: :mad: :p Sold to H@acker instead.] 2 X 1 Gb DDR2 667MHz Transcend sticks bought in Sept/Oct 07. Balance warranty remaining. Individual bill for 1 stick and copy of bill for the second which will be sufficient for all purposes (lots of stuff in the second bill thats why :)). Will help with RMA etc in case its required.

Never overclocked.

Both sticks are identical and run dual channel
Sticks in the background :p


Reason for sale: Moving to 2Gb X 2 sticks.

3. 512Mb DDR2 667Mhz Laptop RAM. Sold to idea local pickup

Removed from an EeePC. Running perfectly fine. Singapore warranty (till Jan 09 on the EeePc) on these so dunno how to go about claiming it though I can try to help and provide all info required if ever you need it :)


1. Testing warranty of 2-4 days on everything. Buyers can test before buying.
2. Pune local buyers get preference.
3. Need to get rid of the stuff fast :p
4. The first person to comment on the cables/dust in the cabby gets flamed :bleh:
5. Sorry for any blurry pics, its my trusty k750i :)
6. Lowballers: do it via PMs ONLY so i can ignore you :tongue:


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bump...........price drop on the card and RAM. PM me if interested. :p Need this gone ASAP..else will have to cancel the 4850 :(


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Final price drop. This is on sale till tomorrow, else I keep it cos it ll be too late to order the 4850 :(



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Card removed from sale.

RAM awaiting transaction with gcbeldar.

Laptop RAM still available.


Card and RAM confirmed for H@cker. Laptop RAM still available.


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Received RAM. am still travelling .. will check it once i reach my base,probably by tomorrow :))
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