FS : ALtec Lansing ATP-3

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Altec Lansing ATP-3 speakers for sale.

bought from Memories_dv (deepak) more than a year back.

so these speakers are queit old ..

Reason for sale :

buying new speakers ,no place to keep these.

condition :

physical condtion is decent. woofers & speaker mesh has got some dust marks etc.

SQ /audio too is quiet good.



the RIGHT speaker wire was cut and has been temporarily fixed with insulation tape .It's a bit delicate.

If the buyer wants will change the entire wire,as it wouldnt cost much.

2) once the Transfomer winding + capacitor was damaged due to voltage fluctutation @ my Place.

The winding was replaced with good quality copper wire and so was the cap. Had costed me almost 400 bucks.

The speaker sounds as good as stock.

Mumbai buyers preffered for obvious reasons.

buyer needs to pickup from my resident in Seawoods\Nerul.

whoever comes first gets the speakers.

I would prefer someone coming and testing them and be completely satisfied before buying to prevent future hassles.


Do not low ball.i couldnt get lower than this:tongue:

any questions PM me !


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hey faheem, did u get any info about the C3's yet?
I coudnt find anyone else, still searching.. surprised why Alfa doesnt have em in stock :S
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