Get anything from USA, even from eBay US auctions

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WELCOME , I deliver The Best of U.S. Online Shopping to your doorstep.

Online shopping should be easy and convenient. But if you live in India, the experience can be anything but...

Now you can shop direct from USA thru me, everything, anything, from Computers, Electronics, Cosmetics, Books, Shoes, CDs and DVDs to Apparels. You can shop from any USA Online Shopping Portal - Amazon, Ebay, Drugstore, Walmart and many more and let me shop n ship items direct to your home...

Here, You Can:
o Shop online at any of the 300,000 U.S. stores from the comfort of your home
o Find the latest and most fashionable items from the U.S.
o Take advantage of online sales and special deals (Not Mail in Rebates)
o Consolidate multiple purchases from single store to save significantly on international shipping charges
o Track your shipments and receive your items at your doorstep!



How it Works:
o Copy and Paste the URL(s) of your items from the web store for quotation*.
o Confirm your order as early as possible.
o Clear your payment in to my bank/paypal account.
o PM me your name, address and mobile # once confirm (important).

Price : Subject to item price**, send item url for quotation.
Warranty : Yes, you have to bear the shipping and handling charges.
Dealing method : No payment no order. Full payment*** upon confirmation. 8-10 days**** arrival upon order date if no custom delay.
Shipping : Through Blue Dart.
Contact method/details : PM me

Note * Quotation price INCLUDES product price, shipping, local Taxes(USA), international shipping and handling charges, custom charges and domesting shipping.
Note ** Price quoted based on website promotion/sales; if sales end, or price changes, final price will be re-quote before final submission.!
Note *** Once payment done, pls be responsible to keep the payment details e.g reference# or receipt.
Note **** Depends on the shipping method you choose.

ebay auctions policy :

1) Send me the item URL(s),along with the maximum amount you wish to bid on that particular Item.
2) Receive the quotation from me, based on your maximum bid amount.
3) Confirm your order as early as possible.
4) Clear 50% of your payment in to my bank/paypal account.
5) PM me your name, address and mobile # once confirm (important).
6) I'll bid on your behalf.
7) Item can be Won at a lower price that your maximum bid.
8) If an item is Won, you will receive a PM, along with the item link and a revised price (if item is Won below your maximum bid).

Why Order From Me:
o Trade with trusted Safe Trader.
o Prompt response. GUARANTEED ARRIVAL.
o No hassle and efficient purchase with clear updates.
o I route straight forwardly from Online store -> USA address -> India -> Your Shipping Address.

The following items are prohibited:
o Explosive, inflammable, noxious, filthy, deleterious or otherwise harmful substance and sharp instruments not properly protected.
o Fire arms and their component parts.
o Dangerous drugs, with the exception of and on production of an export licence, narcotics and psychotropic substance may be sent by insured post for medical or scientific purposes to countries which admit them on these conditions.
o Perishable non-infectious articles, anything liable to become offensive or injurious through decay during the time ordinarily occupied in transmission particularly if addressed to a tropical or subtropical country, unless sent in a hermetically sealed container.
o Articles which from their nature of packing may expose postal officials to danger, soil, damage office items or postal equipment or which tend to hamper the performance of postal operations.
o Correspondence containing any lottery ticket or any ticket, any advertisements of prizes or any other announcement relating to any public lottery, sweepstake or other gambling transaction.
o Coins and bullions, securities of any kind payable to bearer, bank or currency notes unless sent by insured post.
o Radioactive materials, whether solid, liquid or gaseous.
o Indecent or obscene communications, prints, photographs, books or other articles and packets bearing grossly offensive, indecent or obscene words, marks or designs.
o All other items that are prohibited by the Indian Customs


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Ok guys, cut him some slack.

Yes, he is a registered dealer.
Yes, he has paid his dealer fees.
Yes, we strictly asked for and have checked into his credentials (which TBH is not something we did for the earlier dealers).

The Admins have gone AWOL, so for the time being he doesn't have enough privileges as yet. So no more of the 'where's your tag?' queries.
And most importantly - If you cannot be polite, please don't post.
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Trade with trusted Safe Trader.

But we don't even know you man. And why on earth do you think that paying all the money in full, in advance, will fetch you any sales ? I think otherwise.

You need to show some credible proofs so that we all should come to know with whom are we dealing.


A Nobody.
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yeah...very reassuring...

anyways all the best....still you going to lose infront of kmd....

unless you do some GO's on ur own like he did and better prices..


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Thanx m-jeri

I'll try my best to give you guys a better experience than KMD. Though KMD is a very respected dealer, and I've bought lots of stuff from him.
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Trust me, I'd be interested but I am just not good with paying all the money in advance. Even KMD doesn't do that.

BTW I am from punjab so I can pick the item from your place. You just help me import some stuff.

PMing you the link. Quote me the price.


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maybe you can start by accepting part payments initially, and complete payment once the product is delivered... Just for the first 10 sales or so...

Just my 2 cents... Hope to deal with you soon :)


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first of all.....welcome :)

now..mate u gotta show us some credentials b4 we ppl start dealing with you...u cant just say " Hi

deal with me, and you will come to know me."

No offense but u could be a HOAX !... so why not start with part payment or something like that ??


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ha ha , KMD takes my order and even delivers to me without even taking a single paise (Since I am regular with ,may be new persons have to give some part payment ).I pay him after I get it delivered .
I have done and many have done the same with him ,KMD rocks .

Why will some one deal with you rather than KMD ? :bleh:

Update your terms and conditions to be more flexible .


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welcome to TE :D great to have some competition finally :lol:

will be good if u can post approx prices for popular stuff like ram / graphics card etc so that others can get an idea ..
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FizzMall said:
please check the item weight before asking for the quote.
it weighs nearly 11lbs.

Honestly, i asked for that quote only to compare with KMDs quote (which was like some 6.5K).

I see a difference of 50%.


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I do not think it is fair to lamblast someone trying to set up shop here. If you think the terms are not good for a new dealer, suggest something concrete. If KMD is doing 50% in advance and 50% later, maybe this guy can start with 25% in advance and 75% later. Once he builds up a reputation, he can probably move to the 50% + 50% mode.

As for prices, he is trying to run a business. That means that is he quotes more than KMD, we would happily go with KMD and he does not get the order. If he wants the order, it is in his interest to quote lower.

Let the competition happen, that will be the best thing for us consumers !!!
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