Hard Drive Hungama !! Internal & External Drives at Amazing Prices

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The TechShopGuy is here! Presenting to you some great deals on Hard Drives to meet all your needs.
We've got something for everyone; from the silence seeking HTPC builder to the enthusiast who wants nothing more than blazing fast transfer speeds. Check out the deals we've got to offer !:hap2:
Western Digital
Internal 3.5" Caviar Black WD1001FALS 6300 OUT OF STOCK Caviar Green
WD6400AACS 3275
WD7500AADS 4225

WD10EADS 4500
*NEW* WD15EADS 7760
*NEW* WD20EADS 13750
Caviar Blue
WD6400AAKS 3300

Laptop 2.5" Scorpio Blue
WD3200BEVT 3370
WD5000BEVT 5000

2.5" External Passport Essential
WDME2500TA 3200
WDME3200TA 3650
WDME5000TA 5400

3.5" External
WDH1U10000 MY BOOK ESSENTIAL 3.5" 5250

3.5" Internal
ST3320613AS 7200.11 2400
ST3500418AS 7200.12 2800
ST31000528AS 7200.12 4500

Laptop 2.5" Internal
ST9320320AS 3150
ST9500325AS 4750

External Seagate Free Agent Desk 3.5'
500 GB 4000
1000 GB 5400

Seagate Free Agent GO 2.5"
320GB 4000
500GB 6000

High Performance Drives
Western Digital Raptor/ VelociRaptor as well as OCZ and Intel SSD's are also avaliable. PM me for prices.
NOTE: For any other model that you may require feel free to PM me with the model name/number.

All prices include all taxes are for non-CC payment option.

For Shipping Charges, we have different rates for various product categories as well as for different regions in India integrated into our system. Our DTDC Surface Shipping rates are the lowest and very reasonable IMO.

Please avoid asking "Exact Shipping Charges" by PM if possible. You will know the EXACT Shipping Charges and the EXACT amount payable BEFORE you confirm your Order.

PM me for Details.

* 6EMI and 12EMI options available ONLY with ICICI Credit Cards.
* EMI options available on ANY PURCHASE above Rs. 1500/-
* EMI's calculated on Total Order Amount (T.O.A.) = Sum of all Products + Shipping
* 6EMI = (T.O.A.)/6 + 4.65% of (T.O.A.) One Time with first EMI
* 12EMI = (T.O.A.)/12 + 10.65% of (T.O.A.) One Time with first EMI

For more information about this deal, other products and to check shipping details do visit www.techshop.in
Feel free to PM me with your queries.
Buyers List:
1* 160 GB Seagate Barracuda PATA - kaiserbreath - Sold Shipped Delivered
1* 1TB WD Black WD1001FALS - voidzero - Interested: Payment Recieved. Shipped-Delivered
1*640GB WD Blue WD6400AAKS - rajndra- Interested: Payment Recieved. Shipped Delivered
WD10EADSx2-Naga: Interested Order Recieved
WD6400AACS-Naga: Interested Order Recieved.


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Great Pricing. The EMI option is pretty cool. An eBay listing would be mint frost icing on the cake for those of us with a 20% coupon.


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Does one have to enter any coupon code? I tried buying the MyPassport 500Gb but the price is a tad higher than mentioned here.


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the prices are on the higher side - the seagate 500gb 2.5 external is available for 5600/-
here it is priced at 6000.
I am interested in buying one - can u plz have a re look at the prices?
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All PM's replied.
All those who are interested in these drives are requested to PM me to avail these prices. You will be provided with a coupon that will allow you to buy at the quoted prices.


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WD has 3 yrs warranty and seagate has 5 yrs for their external drives. Take seagate after confirming warranty.

prashantrana said:

Also anyone, which will be better WD or Seagate for 1TB External Drives


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I am not able to understand why arent the prices offered on TE Market section not cheaper...

Living in vizag I called up my dealer he offered be Seagate GreeAgent Go for Rs.3950.00 with Bill....

I need one of these n Mediahome is offering the same for Rs.3600.00 but I dont know for what reasons he is just not replying to my pms since couple of days