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1) Artic Silver5 Thermal Heat Sink Compound. wt=3.5gms
Quantity: 5

For specification and application:AS5 Co. Website

Price (Each)= Rs. 575/- (per Tube) incl. shipping.
2) Pci-ex Graphic card Power Cables / adaptor.
Quantity= 2

These i had made for one of our senior and popular member Switch.
RE: http://www.techenclave.com/forums/288924-post1.html

But unfortunately our TE site had gone down for a week or so hence could not contact him since his contact address was in my PM. when i did manage to get through to him it was too late since he had already got a new psu till then.

These are hand crafted by me using quality cables. and note these have two molex cables for power input so true 144 watts max (Rated) Current carrying capacity.

Price (Each): Rs. 400/- each incl. shipping. (very negotiable....)

3) Thermaltake Silent Wheel A2330 130mm Sleeve Case Cooling Fan
Quantity= 1

Brand: Thermaltake
Series: Silent Wheel
Model: A2330
Type: Fans
Fan Size: 130mm
Compatibility: Case
Bearing Type: Sleeve
RPM: 1400+/-10%RPM
Air Flow: 54.4CFM
Noise Level: 16dBA
Power Connector: 3 Pin
Rated Voltage: 12V
Startup Voltage: 9V
Rated Current: 0.30A
Power Input:3.60W
Life Expectation: 30,000 hrs
Weight: 140 gms
Color: Orange
Features Compatiable with standard 12cm Fan holes
Excellent silent & performance
Easy Installation
Physical Spec
Fan Dimensions 130 x 130 x 25 mm
Fan Holes: 120 x 120 mm

Price: Rs. 1200 /- incl. shipping.


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i want the artic silver ka one tube :).. reserve one tube for me :)

let me know if we can meet up anytime soon(for the chipset fan, if you got it)



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Ok. 1 tube reserved for Chic_magnet, and one for Asky (as per his PM)

Chic_magnet , i have one original ABIT chipset fan cooler. it should fit ur Asus m/b chipset heatsink. it is 3 wire and the RPM goes to above 6000+ rpm.
anyways i have a similar m/b in the kids gaming rig. tomorrow i will try it out on that and let you know the result.


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hey dj reserve 2 tubes for me ok..

mostly i`ll come to your place to pick em up so you can teach me how to apply em :p :p... hope thats fine with ya :)


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Two Tubes for Chic_magnet, 1 for Asky (PM) , 1 for Friedclyde (PM) , Techie#1 if you want one kindly send me a PM and confirm it.

All the above kindly PM me your contact address so that i can collect payment and send you the stuff asap .....

@ blueeyesdude, You had previously PM'ed me and had requested that i reserve 1 tube for you and that you will collect it on or after 10th December (since you had exams) ......what happened ??? . i had to decline Caayotee in lieu of your offer then ....please revert back asap whatever is ur decision.

@ chic magnet, ur chipset fan problem solved too....:) , kindly pm me when you can collect all the stuff ...


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How much for a tri_led (blue,green,red) original Antec 120 mm fan ??

It is something like this but in 120 mm size.

A friend wants to sell it since he has a sonata case which has metal side panels hence no use for him. ( it came with the case as an optional 2nd 120 mm fan).
I can throw in my original Zalman fan speed controller (Fanmate 2) which came with my Zalman CU 7000 h/s .....

Since i actually do not know the retail price of it interested members kindly offer ur best quotes with / or without that superb Zalman Fanmate2 fan speed controller.


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hi deejay,i think i had Pm'ed u that since i am situated in mumbai,i would prefer paying u in cash rather than sending u DD,but i didnt get any response from u,so i thought that all tubes might have been sold.
Anyways plz pm me abt when and where to collect it from.


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@ blueyesdude,
oh, i thought you were going to contact me after your exams got over on 10th.:huh: :(
any form of payment is suitable to me (as long as i get the payment first ....:D)
That reserved tube you can collect any time you wish ....
PM me when and how you can collect.


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For the kind attention of:
Chic_magnet (2), Asky (1), Friedclyde (1), Blueyesdude (1)

RE: AS5 delivery

Guys since almost all of you reside in the suburbs i was thinking of sending my peon to your respective places, collect payment and hand deliver the stuff.
This will save you guys a lot of travelling and hassles.
so kindly pm me the most suitable time when my person can collect payment and deliver the stuff to your place.
(even if you are not physically present somebody at ur place can collect the stuff)
so that i can workout a suitable logistic schedule asap....

@ chic_magnet: if you want i can send you the original asus chipset+ fan cooler for ur m/b. if you can fit it urself fine. otherwise you can get it to my place someday soon ....
(weekends only)......please let me know.( i would need to keep ur faulty piece for my m/b warranty purposes)

All of you please reply (PM) asap.....


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friedclyde and blueyesdude were given delivery day before yesterday (5/1/6).
Asky: regret that ur delivery could not be made due to late hours....i will try to send it through local delivery in a day or two.on receipt you may send the payment asap ....NP about it.

Chic_magnet:(RE: ur post on TE) first of all i would advise you not to use ur m/b without the n/b fan or other means of cooling it as that chipset gets very hot and can lead to permanent m/b damage.
if possible kindly send ur m/b to my place (either local delivery / hand delivery) and i will do the needful.
The only time i can work on ur m/b is either early morning (i am an early riser) or late in the evenings...hence it will take a day or two to complete it.when it is finished i will inform you and you can pick it up. regarding application of AS5 etc... i will show you when you come to pick it up.

kindly let me know when you can / will deliver the m/b ......


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AS5 Delivered to Asky the day before....

@ Chic_magnet,
only you are left now with your order of 2. kindly let me know how / when / where you want it delivered ??

Re: http://www.techenclave.com/forums/327173-post8.html

The price for that Antec 120 mm fan alongwith the Zalman fan controller is Rs. 1000/-

individually the prices are 650/- (fan) and 350/- respectively.


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Saiyan, i need you to PM me pics of that tri led inside your cabby!!:cool2:

i stumbled upon Deejay's thread and wanted that Fan+fanmate2 but one day away from TE and you beat me to it!!:( :rofl: :cool2:

Amazing price too!!:clap:

Congrats man!!:hap2:


The L33t Admeen
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^^^opps sorry man i really loved to have a tri led for a long time in my cabby:ashamed:


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Do not be stupid!! You say sorry for no damn reason!!:no: :mad:

I am very sure that tri LED fan will look better in your cabby!!:eek:hyeah:

I needed that for my cousin's SLB, which is still a month away!!
You needed it more than he does coz i love the setup in your cabby and that fan is gonna JAZZ it up just right!!:)

Congratulations, once more!!:hap2:
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