Nationite S:Flo2 8GB (5 days old)

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1. Nationite S:Flo2 8GB:

  • Bought From: MP4nation
  • Age: 5 days
  • Comes with: Everything that is in the pic below + Original Box
  • Reason for Sale: Urgent need of money
  • Condition: 10/10, its only been 5 days since it reached me, used for <5hours
  • [strike]Asking Price: 7.2k shipped (Shipping will be done via DTDC, If someone wants shipping via India post then price - 7.1k)[/strike][strike] 7k shipped (Open to sensible negotiations; Looking for a quick sale) [/strike] 6.5k + Shipping (SpeedPost - 100, DTDC 160-200)


Certain things to Consider:

  • Please do your R&D properly before expressing an interest to buy any of the above products.
  • I will not hold for anybody, if someone else is ready to pay I'll sell the product(s) to him.
  • Prices are fixed, don't try to PM me with a lower quote.
  • No thread crapping, if anything is required to be communicated to me, you can always PM me.
  • eBay listing possible, 5% PaisaPay fees will be added to the existing asking price - PM me for this.
  • I haven't added the stock earphones I got with the Sflo2 in the deal, if someone wants them I can put that in too, just include the request for the same in your PM but would like to keep it as I have no earphones right now and these might come in handy. :)

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I have removed Fuze for now, anyways if someone is interested to buy it PM me as I might sell it.

Also, final price correction for S:flo 2. Im also thinking of keeping S:Flo too if it remains unsold for another week or so.
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^Serious shortage of money, don't even have enough to ship my faulty RE262 to Head-direct. I need to clear some debts too :ashamed: (My wallet and cellphone was recently stolen :mad:)

Anyways I did not like the S:flo so I would have sold it nevertheless.


Analog Vibes
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^ Holy crap that's some serious issue .Happens with everyone at some point, I can understand . (There was a time when I had to first sell of my PL-30 & EP-630 before purchasing an RE-2 )Hope its sorted out soon .

BTW , Head-Directs product dying every now and then has become a big pain for everyone . Spending 500 bucks for RMA and then waiting for a month is sad . Thankfully me and Brendon RMAed our IEMs together and they shipped it via express private couriers (5 days flat ).
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Yeah, one whole month of no portable music. Just my desktop speakers will be fulfilling my hunger for music. :(

I may even sell the RE262 and go for RE272 when I get my RMA'ed RE262 if its released by then :D

And I'm thinking of shipping it via India Post, will be cheaper I reckon.
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This piece is as good as new, plus no need to go through the ridiculously long wait mp4nation makes one go through. Also, no fear of customs/package getting lost. :bump:
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