P4, 865GBF, 512DDR Ram and some other stuff

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Spy king

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Hello.. This stuff has been accumulating ever since i upgraded.. so decided to get rid of the newer stuff..

Pentium IV 3.00 HT

Never been overclocked or pushed..

Price: 1500

Intel 865GBF

Price: 1800

512 DDR 400 Twinmos

Got the original box..

Price: Sold!! :D

Geforce Mx 4000 128MB agp

Has 2 VGA outputs and one S-vid out..

Price: 600
Misc stuff
LAN Card:
10/100 PCI lan card

Price: 200??

Internal Modem
This has been lying around for ages and has not been used..

Price: 150 ??
S-vid to single RCA out cable (composite)
Got this for an experiment couple of months ago.. used it only once.. have decided to wait till I get LCD, so don't need it anymore..

Price : 100
Please let me know if the prices are reasonable, I really don't know this being my first trade..

I would also like to sell the CPU+Mobo unit together for 3k, other wise I'll sell them separately if I can someone for the cpu, other for mobo.. don't want to be left with either one separately. :)

Also, Chennai people preferred.. I can drop off the stuff if it's nearby, or meet somewhere..
I don't mind shipping, but shipping costs will have to be borne by that person at actuals..

Payment-Online transfer preferred, or Direct deposit.. or cash :D



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I will take the 512mb RAM (700 bucks). Pls ensure a testing warranty of 7 days. I am in Bangalore. Will PM you.

Spy king

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@astrono_me on hold for ya.. Ygpm! :)

@malhotraraul, I seriously don't know about the current rates, so if you could temme what would be appropriate, instead of a bwhaha, I would be rather glad..

Spy king

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@Cursed Sorry, thought I replied to your PM guess the downtime made me forget,
It's currently on hold, someone wanted both mobo and proccy.. I'll keep you updated if the deal doesn't go through :)
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