WTB : Graphics card

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cards :

9600gso / 9600gt / 8800gt / Ati 4850

I would prefer cards with local warranty...

otherwise... must be worth the money...

i will be gaming on a 22" so if you have anyother card that i have not mentioned please consider accordingly. :hap2:

I need a PCIe card

Thankyou :)
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Do a research and fix your set of choices you are looking to buy. It'll be only then that you get some genuine replies.

Like mention if you need 8800GT or the HD4850 or any other, to catch seller's attention.


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..ok make me your offer, and I'll get back to you.

Please don't waste both our time by low balling it.

And nor do I care for 2-300Rs here and there so make a decent offer.

I am sure you will get a better response if you will give an upperlimit for your purchase on the 8800GT as I am sure many are looking to sell sometime now...
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