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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    If you like surreal movies and true horror movies unlike saw, etc watch Kill list. I was mind blown.
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    Raspberry Pi

    I got my Raspberry delivered today :yahoo: I am primarily gonna use it as my download box. I have a few questions though: a. I have Dell IN2020M which has DVI and VGA input. I am already using DVI input for my PC. Should I buy a HDMI to VGA converter for Raspberry or buy a DVI splitter? b...
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    Philips trimmer QT4019 @ 795 only -

    I can vouch for Pepperfry's quality. Had ordered a similar trimmer before and was not delivered for 2 weeks. I contacted customer care and they promptly offered a coupon double the amount of what I ordered. Now, that's something! Another 350 off voucher is working: PPE6A9E4LA (min 750)
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    Spoorloos 1988. A highly intriguing edge of the seat thriller without the usual components of a thriller, that's directed to perfection. There is a hollywood remake of the same named ” the vanishing” but skip it and watch the original version. Rating 9/10
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    How do I save all my contacts for transfer to another phone?

    Don't you have any option to sync your contacts with Gmail? That would be the best option. Push it to the cloud... In future you can use any smartphone and they all support Gmail contacts AFAIK.
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    Windows Phone 8 Might Get New Arc Soft Keyboard To Make One-Handed Typing Easier

    It's a tech enthusiast's dream that MS brings a highly competitive alternative to iOS and Android. IMO having used 4 major players including webOS, the intuitive UI of WP is like no other. Having used HTC trophy with WP 7.5 for 6 months, I can proudly say that the phone never crashed (not one...
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    Raspberry Pi

    Question for members who own Raspberry Pi: I believe the orders from element14 do not come with any power adapter. So what are you guys using for powering up the device? Has anybody started using it as a download box or something?
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    FS: Headphone Brand New Koss Porta Pro Classic (Box-packed)

    I'm interested. Do they come with any carry case or something?
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    Need Help filing a patent

    Best is to hire an attorney for this kind of stuff. Especially one who specializes in medical patents. This is based on my interaction with one such attorney when a company I consulted applied for a patent.
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    OfficeSuite Pro 6 + (PDF & HD) for 99 cents

    Thanks purchased!!
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    FS: Others DVI-D to DVI-D Male Cable (18+1)

    Hey I need one. From bangalore. Please contact me.