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    FS: RAM Hynix DDR3 RAM - 4GBx2

    Please PM with pin code details. We can discuss over PM.
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    FS: Home Audio Video Blaupunkt SBW-01 Bluetooth Soundbar ( Delhi NCR Only )

    Thanks @puns Nice talking to you .. Although i don't listen to music; wife likes the soundbar.. :) Please add feedback as well.. done the same for you..
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    FS: RAM Hynix DDR3 RAM - 4GBx2

    Hynix DDR3 RAM - 4GBx2 Expected Price: Rs 1500/- Source and Time of Purchase: Upgraded Laptop; Sold as Parts - Laptop was HP Elitebook 8470p Reason for Sale: Laptop Upgraded hence selling as part RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced Product Condition: Working, What else should I write for a...
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    FS: Others Super House Cleaning - 40+ Items (growing)

    Wireless charger on Office Desk now.. Thanks..
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    FS: Photography Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Cam in Warranty

    Bump.. Not a bad deal with more than 7 months of warranty remaining. No Lag in recording even in 4K and Display is much better than GoPro. Waterproof casing itself is more than 1500/- A UV Filter is also bought from Aliexpress and will be including that as well; Cost i think it was around 350/-...
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    FS: Photography Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Cam in Warranty

    For Sale - Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Cam with Remote! Expected Price:*8500/- Adding bluetooth remote shutter in price although got it for 1000/- from Aliexpress. Source and Time of Purchase:Bought from flipkart Reason for Sale:*Not using RMA/Servicing history:*Never serviced/RMA'd Product...
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    FS: Mobile iPhone SE 32GB

    Sent PM
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    WTB Mechanical Keyboard

    TVS Bharat USB Mechanical Keyboard, All Original Cherry MX Blue Switches, UNUSED. New TVS Keyboard comes with clone Long Hua Chinese blue switches and is costed new for 2500/- Asking 1900 including shipping.
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    FS: Mobile LG G7 Thinq 6GB 128GB

    Certainly .. Let me know the price.. I'll pick up from you tomorrow ..
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    FS: Others Invicta Automatic 9094OB - Seiko NH35A Movement

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Invicta 9094OB Automatic Watch - Movement NH35A Seiko Expected Price: Rs 5,000/- Source and Time of Purchase: Bought from Amazon on 16 November 2017 Reason for Sale: Moving towards light weight watches/smartwatches. RMA/Servicing...
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    FS: Mobile LG G7 Thinq 6GB 128GB

    Hello Mohit, From where did you got the GadgetSheildz Protector? They don't have it on Website.. Do you have spare protectors? i can buy those from you..
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    FS: Photography Nikon D5100 with Nikon 35mm F1.8G Lens

    SOLD to a Forum Member, I'll wait for the feedbck then close the thread