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    Whey Protein, where to buy!

    yeah local pricing is definitely high compared to importing them before . its on par ON pricing in india.
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    A noob's guide on buying consoles!

    ^regular ps4? 15-20k. prices are bit high coz lockdown
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    Buying oled tv from

    No warranty + import tax (36% last I checked) + risk of getting fake tv + bonus chance of getting corona why even bother 1590126449 yes. but you'll find it cheaper in offline big brand stores like reliance digital etc
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    Whey Protein, where to buy!

    nice coincidence. I just ordered whey from myprotein india. they have established their warehouse in india now so delivery times are much much less compared to earlier when they were directly coming from UK. I used to order directly from ParadiseNutrition website (one of official distributors...
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    Suggest Wired Earphones with mic (non In Ear) for use with laptop (for teams and skype calls) / tablet / phone

    what do you need exactly? its confusing. you need earphone but not in ear? So you need on ear headphones?
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    Iphone se 2020 launched at Rs 42500

    why not XR? you get both X and XR for roughly same price
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    Panasonic AC timer blinking

    It means it has an error somewhere. if it ran for 15-20 min, its most probably a gas leak. open the manual and call the AC technician
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    Rishi Kapoor - RIP

    I never saw his classic movies but I did see movies of him in his second innings and he was really good. particularly in Kapoor and Sons. Rip
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    Any Netflix Account sharing groups on TE ?

    A single slot is available. People can telegram or ping me here or on Techenclave whatsapp group. (6months subs only) sorry they're full
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    Investments in Reliance Jio (Obviously for Customer data)

    Voda idea are stuck with shit load of debts plus saddled with outdated 3g towers. doesnt really make sense for fb buying them when they can get cutting edge pan india 4g operator which can easily upgrade to 5g
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    Iphone se 2020 launched at Rs 42500

    Are these made in india? Pricing is a little high. Still , perfect phone for my dad. small screen, great camera for casual photos and guaranteed updates for 3~4 years minimum
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    Any Reddit fans here?

    ^ kek. you're defending CCP. I rest my case
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    Any Reddit fans here?

    There are a lot of good subreddits but as with anything in life, you just have to find what interests you. Avoid all india related subs (left wing and right wing) Also, Reddit recently got large investment from tencent so from now on assume reddit as agent of CCP china.