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    Free Training Videos

    Free Training Videos from NewsForge Massachusetts is trying to convert all computerized state documents to the open document format (odt). We think this is a fine idea. One concern that's been expressed about this move (at least by Microsoft) is that training employees to use 2.0...
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    Hi All

    Thanks for the kind words guys, its my pleasure to be back ;)
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    Hoping to help the community!

    Hello brother Where in Romania did you live? Do you speak romanian? I dont speak that much anymore I saw in his intro post that he lived in romania for 5 years thats why i am asking ;)
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    Indian Ocean tsunami's puzzling waves explained

    Beaches 20,000 km away from the devastating tsunami received waves three times larger than some islands much closer to the quake – but why? The tsunami that ricocheted around the world following the Indian Ocean earthquake on 26 December 2004 left a puzzling pattern of waves in its wake...
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    Scientists discover anti-ageing gene

    Scientists in the United States have discovered a gene that can keep mice alive for 30% longer than normal. They say the gene has a key role to play in many of the processes related to ageing. Because humans have a very similar version of the gene, the hope is that it will show a way to...
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    Blowing 'Windows'

    Intuitive, humorous and kinetic, the Blowing "Windows" explores new ways of interacting with your computer. Subverting our preconceptions of the static electronic screen, Blowing "Windows" allows human physicality and atmospheric conditions to affect this normally closed digital space. The...
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    Hoping to help the community!

    Salut frate, Unde in romania ai trait? Stii sa vorbesec romensti? Eu nu mai stieu asa de bine...
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    Hi All

    Hi all, I've been away for some time now, been busy with stuff and all, i hope everyone is doing fine...hopefully i am back now and will have time to post and chat..thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday...
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    Windows update through FireFox (it can be done) Havent tried it it's up to you.
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    User Guides Color In Photoshop

    This is a tutorial on how you can color you hand drawn drawings in photoshop. Very cool...
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    Google without the ads, from Google!

    Huh?! anyways...
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    High IQ May Prevent Dementia

    Having a higher IQ or being active in your youth may dramatically lower the risk of developing dementia when you're older. A new study shows that men and women who had higher than average intelligence or participated in a lot of extracurricular activities as high school students were up to half...
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    Live 8 Video Downloads

    These are the AOL video clips from the Live 8 concert series from July 2nd. (scroll down)
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    Google Earth Hacks

    Welcome to Google Earth Hacks! We offer lots of great information for you, as well as a growing collection of downloads to use with your copy of Google Earth. What is Google Earth? It is a free product made available by Google that lets you view the entire earth in 3D, but has enough detail...
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    'Pyramid power' probes universe

    Using a network of radio antennae across the Netherlands and Europe's most powerful supercomputer, scientists hope to unlock the secrets of the early universe. The Orion Nebula is a boiling belt of hydrogen and space dust that is a nursery for stars. It is 1,500 light years away, which is just...