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    Can some one help me with this website? - Wordpress

    Hi I am working on this website AMOUNEE. It was built using wordpress. I have two issues: 1. I need to add a top-level Menu on the website to include a Login and Registration link on the top right corner. If there is any plugin for that please do let me know. 2. For some reason the Product Short...
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    Budget 0-5K Can someone help me buy this?

    I want to buy this case for the S8 but the it does not deliver to Jaipur. Can someone buy this for me or give me a workaround? One is available in black on the black but I don't want that plus it costs...
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    8GB/4GB DDR3

    Buying 16gb ddr3 Ram+mobo from @jaydipmori for 5k+my mobo+4gb ddr3 ram. Will be depositing the money today into his account and he'll be shipping the products from Gujarat.
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    Budget 21-30k Laptop for AutoCad

    Hey guys, A friend of mine wants to buy a laptop(2nd hand) of this configuration: i3 5005U 2Ghz 4GB RAM Intel 5500 It is dell latitude 3560. He's getting it for 11k. He plans to run AutoCad 2017 on it. Will it run fine on the laptop? He is a 3rd year architecture student. So w.r.t. his work...
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    8GB/4GB DDR3

    As stated, I'm looking for a cheap ram for a friend. Gigabyte H61M-CS Motherboard. Please check the compatibility. Preferably 1333Mhz as he is already using 4GB DDR3 1333MHz. If anyone is willing to let one go please PM me. Thanks.
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    Storage Solutions WD Elements 2TB Stopped Working

    Hey guys, thanks for the replies. The Data was not that important to me so I sent it for the RMA and got a new HDD as a replacement 2 days ago. Apologies for the delayed reply. Thanks everyone.
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    Storage Solutions WD Elements 2TB Stopped Working

    I have a 2TB WD Elements External 2.5" HDD which stopped working suddenly this morning. There no click sounds or anything. It is not getting detected in my computer but it is being detected in Disk Management and gives the following error. I still have a warranty of 70 days remaining on the...
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    GTX 970, R9 290, 380, 470, 480 or Equivalent

    Looking for a gpu preferably GTX 970, R9 290x, 380, 470. If anyone is interested let me know. Warranty won't be an issue as long as the seller provides testing warranty. I need one urgently. Thanks. PM me your offer guys.
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    OlympTrade and IQ Option?

    Were you able to withdraw the money?
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    OlympTrade and IQ Option?

    Saw these two apps floating on my screen multiple times as an ad while playing games and installed OlympTrade. Did a little play through with the demo account. I was wondering if these two apps are worth investing into? Read on a few websites that these are scams or something. Anyways, has...
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    WTB HD7970, GTX770 or any other GPU Under 10k Warranty No Issues

    Looking for a friend. Under 10k budget. Warranty no issues. Anyone interested in selling can PM me.
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    CPU/Mobo CPU not supported. BIOS Update?

    Will using this motherboard cause problem. I need to use it for programming etc for the next 4 months then gaming once my 7th Sem is over. If yes then i'll be changing mobo asap.
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    CPU/Mobo CPU not supported. BIOS Update?

    Guys I bought ASUS H61M-CS motherboard in a haste for i7 2600k. The mobo doesn't support this processor. Although the system is working fine. Just have to press f1. I want to know is there anyway i can update my mobo to a bios which supports this cpu. I have zero idea regarding BIOS update etc...
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    WTB GPU, CPU and Motherboard

    Looking for a GPU, CPU and a Motherboard. Max budget for all 3 is Rs. 30k. GPU- GTX970/960. CPU-i5/i7. Please PM me as i Need it asap.
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    Budget 31-40k CPU GPU and Motherboard

    Can i get the GTX970 second hand from anywhere?