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    User Guides Linux Tutorials for Performance Monitoring.

    This is very informative and exhaustive. Thanks for summing it up.
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    Google Nexus One

    Well 2.3.3 works very well in nexus.. Great pricing. All the best. Sent from my Nexus One using Tapatalk
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    CPU/Mobo Motherboard suggestion

    For 5 k you will get s decent one.. Always better to invest wisely on these stuffs... Sent from my Nexus One using Tapatalk
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    Iphone 3G 16 GB

    Deal was closed in dec. Mods please close the thread. Sent from my Nexus One using Tapatalk
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    How to run connectify software in windows Xp

    Ok. I will check that. I wanted to check by installing any drivers can we manipulate its settings in XP?
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    How to run connectify software in windows Xp

    Hi, Can anybody let me know how can I run connectify softwarre to run in windows XP for creating wifi hospot? Thanks
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    Wifi hotspot on windows not getting recogonozed in Nexus one

    have setup a Hotspot in Windows XP to Share my Wired internet connection Wirelessly. Nexus one does not show the Wireless network.Even if i Manually add new wifi connection it says not in range.I read somewhere this can be fixed by turning on ssid. Can someone tell me how to configure ssid...
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    Google Nexus One

    Product received. This is first time I'm getting extra accessories which was not mentioned in original post. Great! Got a dock too.:) iTrust score given. Thanks!!!!
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    Internet connection for Nexus One

    Just wanted to know which plan you finally moved on to. Am facing similar problem and looking which plan to change to. Am now on Vodafone corporate post paid plan. :huh:
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    Is it possible to run IE7 on Windows 7

    Coz some of the softwares are not compatible with IE8. Tried many things but only thing working is virtual mode. Installing inside that did it.. Yeah IE 9 is super fast and good but these stupid applets and all doesnt load properly in there..:hap5:
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    Is it possible to run IE7 on Windows 7

    I wanted to install IE7 on WIndows 7 but in the microsoft site I couldn find the download option. R these not compatible? Thanks
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    Google Nexus One

    Ohh.. Just missed tat extended sentence! PM'd u..
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    Google Nexus One

    wat all accessories are available with this..
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    Career in Management Consultancy... Please help

    MBA is only option! They don give importance to IT ex!