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    Complain against Kashmir's HouseBoat owner

    Kashmiris have a serious attitude problem.
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    Qualcomm processors running android affected by security flaws.

    It varies. Without root access you usually do not have permission to modify anything on the OS or OS components. If the phone is rooted you can give access to apps or modify the os components. Now, there are certain defects in every OS that can be made use of to get the root access permission...
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    Qualcomm processors running android affected by security flaws.

    Google is hiding the searches related to this vulnerability.
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    Android foobar2000

    Is it stable? what's the battery consumption like? resampling supported?
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    Google services take loooong time to load except on Opera

    Check the DNS, Google dns might be slow, use the carrier supplied DNS. That has been the case for me for a few isp's in India that used microwave links for distribution.
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    Looking to buy a cheap router supporting ddwrt, usb and torrent for ~5k

    ddwrt is not updating at the same pace as openwrt, and tomato is sturdier.
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    How do I find out whether my ISP is killing torrents?

    VPN should work in case of throttling. Limit the total number of connected peers to ~100 per active torrent. Max connected peers should not be over 500, if the isp blocks torrents the connected peers should be very less or 0.
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    CPU/Mobo Major fps drops in games. Possibly CPU related

    Reseat the heat sink, I've the same cpu and I stress test various buggy applications/programs on it. It never goes over 68C. Your hsf or the mounting bracket is faulty.
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    TP Link 1043ND + DD-WRT: Very slow upload

    I had 1043 and the stock firmware is decent enough, ddwrt didn't add any new worthwhile feature apart from the packages support it offered via USB.
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    Laptops Buying Asus GL552JX laptop from Ebay for 55k

    I'm in the US & I've sent the laptop 2 times for rma till now, here asus offers only 1 year ADP but they are honoring the 2 yrs international wrrty. Make sure you register your laptop online with authentic bills (thai baht ones). Parts for rma are imported from Thailand so the wait time is a...
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    Travelling around CBD-Belapur Area

    Auto rates = auto vala ki marzi! buses are overcrowded when you need them.
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    Travelling around CBD-Belapur Area

    Get a 100cc honda bike, I live in Kharghar. Belapur has Pissass bus service, ****ing irritating auto drivers, get a bike and you'd have very less of such frustration. Roads are awesome for biking, most motorcycle reviews of popular YouTube channels are done around this area. As far as i...
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    Laptops Buying Asus GL552JX laptop from Ebay for 55k

    I'm not going to fiddle with the boot order again, cant take the 1 month of downtime. For starters, earlier my lappy used to boot into kali via a live boot USB. Now it does not even detect a live boot USB (BIOS locked).