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    FS: Desktops AMD 955BE with CM Hyper 212 EVO & Asus M5A97 R2.0 [SOLD]

    Is the processor a C2 or C3(95 or 120W TDP)? Sorry couldn't find the CPU-Z image.
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    FS: Motherboard Gigabyte 890FXA-UD7 / ASUS H97 PRO / AMD Sempron 145

    Received the CPU(1x Sempron), it was well packaged. Tested it for an hour or so and all seems to be well. It was nice dealing with you :)
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    Graphic Cards Help me pick a GPU please

    You would really want to consider getting a monitor explicitly stating support for G-sync if you're buying Nvidia or Freesync if you're buying AMD.
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    Graphic Cards Help me pick a GPU please

    What monitor are you going to use? For that sort of money you really want some variable refresh goodness in there.
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    Gaming hardware wishlist?

    That is some fine hardware : ) I'm totally with you on VR. I think it would be better if they avoided the photo-realistic crap and just gave us Quest World (I want to live that dream, yes XD). A modern GPU could render one of the early CGI movies... let's say stuff like Toy story in real time...
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    User Review Corsair Raptor LM2 Gaming Mouse

    Apologies for not being able to check this post earlier. I've been using this mouse as my daily driver on and off, since the day this review was posted till date. I thought I should provide an update. While I'm aware that there are possibly some quality control issues as some people have...
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    Gaming hardware wishlist?

    Weirdly over the years I prefer to have less immersion while using the computer because I'm usually doing other things on the side. Was very excited about VR a few years ago but it seems to have lost its appeal on me. On the other hand, I'm sure there will be lots of cool applications once it...
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    Gaming hardware wishlist?

    Yeah I thought it might be the crossfire as well. The Acer XR341CK comes pretty close. Its almost there. Do you think the reduced top pixels from ultrawide monitors are a ploy for manufacturers to sell less display for more while keeping manufacturing costs even lower? I mean some of those...
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    Gaming hardware wishlist?

    Good choice :). Variable refresh tech probably offers the most value for gaming for someone already on a decent setup. Easily more than platform upgrade even in your case. I'm curious, what games do you see the CPU becoming a limiting factor?
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    Gaming hardware wishlist?

    Greetings everyone! Are you a current PC gamer? What's high on your hardware wishlist? Option 1: Display upgrade:- Variable refresh display+card/2-4k/Panel type Option 2: GPU upgrade:- HBM video card/more VRAM/more power Option 3: Storage upgrade:- SSD, SSD raid array or PCI-E/M2 SSD Option 4...
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    WTB Xperia Active/Inexpensive ANT+ Smartphone

    Greetings, As the title suggests, I'm looking for an inexpensive smartphone that supports ANT+. This will be used to monitor fitness activity so durability is a plus. Thanks!
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    FS: Others AMD 1055t x6, Gigabyte 880gm-usb3 am3+, Ripjaws 2x2gb ram For sale

    Please post date of purchase etc. You can always use the pre-set format for help...
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    FS: Laptop [CLOSED]

    @sriharsha If you're still looking for a 2.5 inch HDD, this might be a good fit.
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    HDD and Mounting Bracket for PS3 There are some workarounds to get it done without the bracket(google) but its probably safer to just get the bracket. Stick to...
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    HDD and Mounting Bracket for PS3

    AFAIK the only thing you need to ensure is that the drive is a 2.5 inch notebook HDD and it should be formatted to the FAT32 file system. The HDD should be contained in a metal frame, I don't think you will need a separate bracket... Just to clarify I do not have any personal experience with...