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    Any Netflix Account sharing groups on TE ?

    All slot taken for now
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    Any Netflix Account sharing groups on TE ?

    I will be subscribing to Netflix. Looking to share with 3 other members.. Anybody interested can inbox me directly.
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    Samsung 860 EVO 250GB SSD

    @iosoft hope you are happy with your purchase.. mind rating me
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    2TB nvme ssd wanted!

    Intel 660p 2tb available.. pm me if still interested
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    FS: Keyboard and Mice New RMA Pc Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    Selling RMA pc Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard received on 09/09/2019. This is not a sealed pack as the seal was opened by the Logitech support team in front of me to show me the contents and to show that the product is new and working. Product Name, Manufacturers code &...
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    Desktop HDD

    Looking to purchase a desktop HDD 4tb capacity, Barracuda or WD Blue maybe.. Please PM me if you are willing to sell.. thanks in advance :)
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    Gtx 1070 / 1070ti / 1080

    bought 1 already.. thanks
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    Gtx 1070 / 1070ti / 1080

    Please PM your card details, pics, warranty details and best price.. Sellers from Kolkata will be preferred
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    1080ti wanted in warranty

    As stated on the subject. PM me
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    FS: Storage Hardware Selling Samsung 850 evo 1 tb 100% health

    Product Name: Samsung 850evo 1tb Expected Price: Rs 12499 Shipping charges included Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: SSD works absolutely perfectly. No bill or box available. Reason for Sale: don't need Product...
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    Looking for GTX 1080 Or 1080 Ti

    Want to buy GTX 1080 ti or 1080. In warranty is a MUST. Please be clear if it is used for mining. I would prefer buying locally in Kolkata. If outside, no problem as long as shipping is done properly. Please PM me.