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    User Review My first ever NAS device - Synology DS218j Review

    I found unraid to be better choice. There is a large community and very good VM/Docker support. It requires a license but worth the price. Depends on use though. My plex, portainer, timemachine backup and a lot more running from this NAS. Btrfs still has issues so sticking to xfs for now.
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    Anyone having Synology NAS Experience in India

    I haven't seen Synology with many sellers here so unsure of support. Whatever is available is super overpriced. Since you're using drives of same capacity, I assume running in RAID 1, QNAP, WD, Asus are all good alternatives. QNAP and WD are widely available with sellers. For 2 bay systems it...
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    WTB PS4 Games

    I have Fifa 20. Brand new, sealed. Let me know if you're interested.
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    Audio Mic for recording songs on mobile phone

    My cousin has started a youtube channel recently. She happens to be a good singer and her channel is getting some traction. I want to gift her a mic as recording on phone seems to mess up the audio. What would be a good mic for good quality audio recording which connects to her phone? I am not...
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    PC Peripherals 140mm silent case fans - Which ones and where to buy from?

    So.....Aladeen? ;) I have 6 disks now. I'll add 5 more. so I need air blowing over them. These 3 fans are set for intake in front. I want to set 3 more on top as exhaust (pull i guess).
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    PC Peripherals 140mm silent case fans - Which ones and where to buy from?

    @Karthik G I eventually got 2 Deepcool 140mm fans with 120mm mount points. However these came with silicone mounting appendage in place of screws. I am not sure if it will hold in longer run. Fans run super quiet but I am not sure how much air they move. Ordered 5 pack Arctic P14 PWM fans as...
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    Best VPN for business?

    What is that you're looking to get out of the VPN? Easiest is probably pritunl on aws. Cloudflare Access/Gateway for more hassle free setup. But all depends on use case.
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    Laptops Macbook Repair Guy In Delhi/NCR ?

    These guys are good. Got multiple mbp and chargers repaired there. Pricing has always been reasonable. Just that apple's parts are expensive.
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    How can I find out who is stealing electricity?

    @6pack One easy way to check is to turn off everything in your home and and then go down to the meter and see if the meter is still ticking. In ahmedabad torrent power is pretty good. Last year I had guests over at my place during summer. The bill spiked from from 300-400 to almost 2500 units...
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    WTB Graphics card similar to RX560

    Mentioned mining as most people would want to know with a used RX 580. These cards are for gaming.
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    PC Peripherals 140mm silent case fans - Which ones and where to buy from?

    Thanks. I was considering this one as well. Just that it arrives a month from now. May order couple of these.
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    PC Peripherals 140mm silent case fans - Which ones and where to buy from?

    Thank you! It is a good deal indeed. I looked at it and thought huh, even coolermaster is selling this expensive fans. Didn't see the 4 pack. I would have preferred 140mm fans if those we cheaper. Will probably get this pack.
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    WTB Want to buy GC for Gaming PC(budget:6-15k)

    Don't worry I know the basics. Just not in touch with the scene for a while. Also not in rush for a sale. I have 6 x 580s and 4 x 480s. I have been too lazy to put effort into selling these :) 1594557771 This could be a false positive but I won't risk it. Is there some other tool we can try...
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    PC Peripherals 140mm silent case fans - Which ones and where to buy from?

    I am looking to buy 3-4 140mm case fans for my new case. I checked Amazon, mdcomputers, itdepot and primeabgb. Either fans are too expensive or they have LEDs. Don't we get normal fans anymore? Noctua fans are super expensive. Don't remember it being this expensive. Preferred price would be...
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    WTB Graphics card similar to RX560

    Open for RX 580 or 480? 580 has been used for mining for about 6-7 months. 480 for one day, not suitable for mining. Sapphire RX 580 Nitro+ 8 GB - 10,000 Powercolor Red Devil 480 8GB - 8,000 Both purchased in mid 2017.