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    ping to windows not working help

    In the firewall i clicked the advanced tab and for LAN i check all ICMP type of requests to allow them and restarted comp also still it is not working ...
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    ping to windows not working help

    I am on a network with one comp on linux and other on windows from windows i am able to ping linux comp but not the other way can anyone help me on whats the problem I have ipsec turned off
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    User Guides Guide to Streaming Video in LAN

    well here is what i mean there is no streaming regular downloading of a file and assume that the file blocks are coming in sequentially and as the file is being downloaded i want to view the video instead of waiting for the whole file to download and open it with vlc player ... so how to do that...
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    User Guides Guide to Streaming Video in LAN

    I have a related doubt ... suppose i am downloading a file and i know that the file is being downloaded sequentially pls dont bother about that ( assume it is sequentially blocks of file are coming in ) how do i stream it on my comp ? i have heard of this mms:// can that be used for streaming...
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    What will Zune look like

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    Press the Button - Insane Game

    i dont want to say anything here it is upto you to find out how much you enjoy it :D Push the Button
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    cannot install and run Yahoo mesenger!!

    you can try if it is urgent and untill someone more knowledgable than me pinpoints the problem.this doesnt require any installing u can also try installing something like trillian
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    About Certifications

    Hi friends i thought i could gain some gyaan from you people regarding different certifications like ccna,ccnp,mcp,java certifications et al i am doing be(cse) now and am contemplating doing one of these but i now basically have a lot of doubts like: 1)how to decide what certificatn to take...
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    Special Messages from WINDOWS !

    you can create custom error messages here: this site
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    Help on MTNL & Number Change...

    Exactly i agree with xplicit give wrong info they have irritated you and you cant siphon off the frustation onto mtnl so the only peple left r the callers on whom to vent the frusts just give them all kinds of weird info!
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    where to download c++

    might be a bit OT but can anyone tell me what exactly is mingw? i read the definitions at wiki etc but couldnt understand!
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    Bwtorrents not working

    dont worry even i cant enter the site
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    need a work from home job for myself (non graduate)

    @chaos where and how to go about designing websites?
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    Rajnikant ka baap, James Bond ka bada bhai!!!!

    those links are unavailable instead they are here: i wud recommend the video in which he pushes a train without even touching it hehe