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    Graphic Cards Please Suggest a good AGP card arnd 5-6k !

    Hi buddies, i've been here after a long time..still it feels like home!! The culprit : My new job..:@ Well, it seems like i cud do with ur expert suggestions as i need to upgrade my graphic card...i cannot afford to go all out and get a new pci express system at the moment as performance wise...
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    Australia 434 for 4 !!!!!!!!!

    Thats because everyone's gotten bored of watching them win again and again...and this match proves..They are NOT invincible...they shud be ashamed of themselves...:bleh: Wonder whats on the indian team's mind after this match(that is..if they watched it..:P )...will they be able to this to the...
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    Australia 434 for 4 !!!!!!!!!

    DAMN..HISTORIC MATCH...!! This will be remembered for years!! :ohyeah: 872 runs in 600 balls!!! Unbelievable..:happy:
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    Australia 434 for 4 !!!!!!!!!

    Yippie Ye Hooo...:clap: :clap: :clap: Aussies...SHAME ON YOU !!!....:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: :bleh:
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    Australia 434 for 4 !!!!!!!!!

    SA has indeed created history by chasing that mammoth total...hell..they shud win and give the aussies a dose of reality..they are NOT INVINCIBLE.!! :@
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    Moto Razr anyone ?

    Since you mentioned that u wanna go for the V3i and NOT the old one..i can say that it'll be a good buy..btw what price is your dealer quoting?
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    CPU/Mobo S478 PCI-E mobo?

    You cancheck out this mobo from Asus..P4RD1-MX.. - Support Socket 478 CPU - ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Northbridge + ULI M1573 Southbridge - Dual channel DDR400 - Integrated ATI RADEON X300 GPU (DirectX 9) - PCI-Express Architecture - 4 SATA (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 0+1, JBOD)...
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    Over 900 Artist MP3s for Free Download

    Wow man..never get bored of free stuff..:) (lolz...who wud get bored,anyways?? :bleh: )
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    Australia 434 for 4 !!!!!!!!!

    Man the match is not over yet..look at SA...246 in 27 overs..damn this match will sure go into history books if they manage to chase and win...:S I wonder where will India stand against the Aussies if they(the aussies) continue to play like this..:O
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    What an Irony!!!Now, Ganguly to have a say on selection

    Coach Chappell is gonna stay for ganguly can oust him as his performance speaks for himself...on the contrary, it beats me to wonder what Ganguly is doing in the Panel..its better for him to retire with dignity, rather than being dumped again n again :rofl:
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    Need information about good affordable ISPs in Mumbai

    i stay near JJ does exatt have a network in this area? Btw, there is an exattway cybercafe nearby on clair i think they shud have byculla included in their service area..wot say? Btw, pardon my ignorance about the MTNL scheme, but is it not a dial up connection...
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    Need information about good affordable ISPs in Mumbai

    Guys, my current dial up connection is causing me alot of trouble..:( I want to move up to broadband connection.. Can you pls name a few good service providers in mumbai and their initial installation charges and monthly charges etc.. I'll be requiring minimum 128 kbps speed(more is welcome)...
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    The most touching pics of 2005 by Reuters

    ^^I guess because we people relate to happiness quite casually and they dont have much significant impact on our psyche..we tend to forget them quite easily... but these kind of images can have a lasting impact on people..they will stay in your mind forever..;)
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    Galaxy-chasing nebula caught on camera

    ^^Lol..i dont think that the universe is infinite and that all of tha matter can move away from each other one point of time they may be traversed by another matter in their path when the edge is reached.. Also, galaxies do cross each others paths...there have a few recorded...
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    Kya aap CLOSE UP karte haainnnn ??

    LOL..TE indeed has unity in diversity...first we have this kind of species.. And then we have this kind...see below.. Truly Unity in diversity..:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Jus jokin pals..:D