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    Amazon India lightning deals

    There is NO legal curfew anywhere in India. Maybe sec 144.
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    Inverter Ac 1.5t under 30k

    So you pay 1500 for other sellers, and 599 if you buy from tata cliq. Basically ends up the same amount, you pay 900 higher to other seller
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    Moto z2 play

    Looking for z2 play with broken display. My phones board conked out, so if any one has a z2 whose display is broken, pls msg me.
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    Psu 550w-650w

    Prefer antec eag or corsair rm
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    4498/- is a renewed piece
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    Want to buy Original Windows 10 Pro Retail or OEM key Genuine, where to look

    100% okay.I have personally bought and given 40-50 keys. No issues.
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    Another new member

    Use web browser from laptop or PC .
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    BJP can do course correction.. Here it is..

    Gst on mobile phones increased from 12% to 18%
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    Psu 550w-650w

    Bump. Urgently required.
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    Nokia G-140W-F bridge mode?

    I saw one in IndiaMART, seller was b m enterprise, Gurgaon and price mentioned was 2k
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    Nokia G-140W-F bridge mode?

    Will huawei hg8310m work ?
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    Corona virus in China

    Ok so why do all or most of these viruses start in China only ? H1n1, sars, covid [emoji848]