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    Good lasting Perfumes suggestions

    Recently I got marble by nabeel from Dubai. Quite long lasting it is.
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    Rest in Peace Udit

    Really sad to hear this :( may his soul rest in peace.
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    Need advice : Extend home network via cable routing externally : Cable recommendation

    Yes poweline adapter adds latency. I have been using TP-Link ONE AV200 starter kit 200 Mbps from past 3 years. It's a hit n miss thing. I get around 10 Mbps during day time and 30 Mbps throughput during night time. This is entirely depends on house wiring. My house wiring is from 80s. So that...
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    WTB BlackBerry Passport

    I forgot to update you. Call me tomorrow noon. I can get it in coming week mostly.
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    Can Jio Fiber modem be made into a dumb modem (bridge mode)?

    Tried that as well but no luck. This test was done some 4-5 months ago. Don't know if anything has changed from their backend. May try again if I go to his place.
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    Can Jio Fiber modem be made into a dumb modem (bridge mode)?

    I tried this on my friend'd Jio router. After turning on bridge mode on LAN1 Port. LAN1 Port cable goest to his Linksys E4200 WAN Port. But E4200 didnt fetch any WAN IP.
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    Can Jio Fiber modem be made into a dumb modem (bridge mode)?

    Yea point is to make jio router into bridge mode and use your own AP. Digisol and few other GPON options available in market. Starting from 1500 INR.
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    Can Jio Fiber modem be made into a dumb modem (bridge mode)?

    I'm not able to find the post from jio giga fiber thread but someone has mentioned that it is possible to use it in bridge mode. I have checked routers configuration and bridge mode option is there in router. You need to select the port or something to bridge it. I will check again and see...
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    Is this 3G USB Modem any useful today?

    Good old unlimited BSNL 3G data days.. [emoji16] I have many CDMA and gsm dongles just lying around in cupboard.
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    Laptops Lenovo Flex 6 - 14 Inch. Display stopped working, display on external monitor works, cannot claim warranty

    If you feel it's just the connector then I would suggest you to take it to reliable laptop repair guy in your area and open the laptop in front of you and get it fixed.
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    ISP in Bangalore without CGNAT

    Here YOU asking 2200 Per month for Static IP. :eek:
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    ISP in Bangalore without CGNAT

    No its not private one but its shared space among ISPs. In above Pic. my ISP You Broadband is using CGNAT. CGNAT EXPLAINED :
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    Jio Gigafiber rollout

    Anyone able to setup Jio Router in Bridge mode ? Friend wanted to use his Linksys as main router. Other day I was trying to configure in bridge mode but seems IP is not passing to linksys router. Too much locked down stuffs. Typical Reliance !! [emoji23]
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    ISP in Bangalore without CGNAT

    If your router gets public ip from range then they have deployed CGNAT. These days almost all tier 2 isps and even many tier 1 isps are using CGNAT. :(
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    Jio Gigafiber rollout

    Has anyone setup the jio router in bridge mode ? Friend wants to use his linksys router as jio router 's signal strength is pathetic. Bdw they are using CGNAT on their network.[emoji17] It seems only IPV6 is reachable from outside network.