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    Budget 31-40k Graphics card question - Nvidia RTX 2060 Super

    Prior to the 2xxx series all the nvidia reference designs were a single-fan blower type hence (older) articles will say avoid reference. The new design is a much better dual-fan cooler so if its priced competitively, then go for it.
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    Budget 31-40k Graphics card question - Nvidia RTX 2060 Super

    Nvidia direct will be the reference cooler. Asus, MSI, Gigabyte etc. will have their own designs.
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    Indian Retailers Complaints against "Online Sales - Specially offers Deal" ? We Die/Rest Survive ?

    W.r.t. capitalism, yes china is a major exporter but: A) this doesn't mean another country can't also become a major exporter and compete with them. B) the situation isn't etched in stone. The roles could be reversed in the future. w.r.t. online vs. offline: this is just a pure case of...
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    BJP can do course correction.. Here it is..

    Soon, using uber/ola will be considered anti-national!
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    BJP can do course correction.. Here it is..

    It's not just car sales but virtually every manufacturing industry that is slowing down. The govt. was in denial for so long (and still is) so i don't expect the situation to change any time soon. Even with the new subdued figures, we did better during the global recession period.
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    When the system reboots does it always display the BSOD? if so, it might not be the gpu (i got a straight up screen freeze + artifacting when my gpu died). Try cleaning the ram pins with a soft eraser (and memtest if possible).
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    nvm. was going to suggest cleaning the ram pins but issue is fixed.
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    Budget 71-90K Performance Desktop Under 80K

    w.r.t. GPU, yeah, all the different model names are confusing so ignore them - the underlying gpu is the same. The difference b/w the models is 15-60 mhz which will be hard to notice and the 1660 will OC itself based on temperature and load anyway, so you'll only notice the difference under...
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    Can I run/use a RX570 Graphics card on 450W Power Suppy ?

    The RX580 is a 150w card and the recommended wattage is 450w, which you have so i dont see any issues. That being said, i couldn't find much info/reviews on the psu so i would avoid overclocking (as that increases power usage exponentially). It should be able to handle the extra drive no problem.
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    Does Privacy Policy of Apps and Services Bother You ?

    OT: any alternatives to truecaller?
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    Does Privacy Policy of Apps and Services Bother You ?

    Haven't heard of faceapp but i do wonder why google maps needs access to my gallery and camera. same with truecaller or any other permissions that make no sense for the app. I was also under the impression that the new GDPR law addresses this issue?
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    Budget 51-70k Looking for upgrading as my old sytem (i5-6500) is bottlenecked.

    Are you sure the cpu is bottlenecking the system? i only ask because PUBG isn't exactly a graphically demanding game and a 1070 is a very powerful gpu. Are there any other games that cause the same issue with gpu usage? Yes, you're current smps is capable of handling any combo of cpu and gpu...
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    Demonetisation and its Aftermath "India still continues to be the fastest growing economy and demonetisation has had no effect on the Indian economy, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman told the Rajya...
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    Is ordering food after 3 AM legal in India?

    I don't know about ordering but i do know that you need a special licence/permit to operate a restaurant late into the night/early morning. (at least in TN). Also, what's with your neighbour? how's your eating habits any concern of his?
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    Storage Solutions 2nd hard disk causing slow boot

    It looks like its just age of the drive as the problem manifests on first startup only. After all, it is a mechanical drive with a motor and moving parts.