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  1. dissel - Feedback Thread

    The first shipment screenshot from the Global Canio itself, The Second and Third are not trackable at Global Canio, but they are trackable at 17 tracks - Also the first one which is trackable at Global Canio not trackable at 17 tracks.
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Next will be Festive Sale - October.
  3. dissel - Feedback Thread

    Orderd 3 items during Aug 24 sale - All are lightweight items, below is the staus SunYou Econoic Airmail - Non Tracked SunYou - Tracked (So far it looks like most fastest) Special Line YW - Tracked (No more GATI, Now it Malaysia Air Mail) So far the 68 Days and 76 Days remaing before...
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    Streaming Music Sharing Groups on TE ?

    How much for Youtube Premium / Music per month on a shared membership? Also if anyone wants to share Apple Music A/C - Let me know, looking for 1 slot 25/- Per Month. Going to pay via Google Pay in a monthly basis, just like paying for Netflix past 1 year with TE forum member, If you want to...
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    English TV series discussion

    Norseman - Hilarious Viking Comedy, I’m at the Second Season now.
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    Cloudtail on FK. Same as Amazon or fake?

    Looks like fake - 100% agreed to the above comment, Also I noticed there is a seller named ‘Cloud Retail‘ at Amazon in many listing, maybe this is the one who also present in Amazon.
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    Documentaries worth Watching ?
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    Jio Gigafiber rollout

    Is it possible they can revoke the 3300GB Unlimited Data in future ? Right ?
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    Urgent. Dead ONU, need replacement

    Also share this experience to the Alliance Broadband Facebook User Group (Kolkata) with the name of the local operator location - This must circulate and spread like... Though I’m assuming at this point there is no warranty left for this product.
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    Portable Audio situation

    Ohh....This is unfortunate again, You received Blon BL-05 instead of BL - 03 - what is the colour of the set ? Is it Light Green Set of BL - 05 ? 1598692857 LInus Media Group now reviewing DAP - quite surprise to see this, they are always hate these and preach these are useless product this day...
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    Portable Audio situation

    I see where you going with this, Fiio M3 Pro USB out -> BTR5 USB IN -> Blon BL - 05 Balanced.....Great Setup, though you must know BTR3 K also support 2.5mm balance....though that is their lowest priced Balance Port offering product...mentioning this because if you didn’t satisfy the balance...
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    Portable Audio situation

    (1) Original T2 is the first IEM of Chi - Fi who start this trend i,e Great Sound Quality comes in a pocket friendly budget. Their recent offering T2 Plus is not the same, but non th less it is an interesting IEM - Anyhow Post your impression once you have them. (2) It is great to see you...
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    Portable Audio situation

    This Chi-Fi IEM’s are really the gem Like, TIN Hi-Fi T2, Blon BL - 03, TRN V90 etc Recently ordered Blon BL- 05 from Ali-Express lets see if it come or not ?