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    What mobile audio solution would work best for me

    Well.....I like to suggest Fiio's BTR device 3 or 5 (or M5) according to your budget with a decent IEM - Depends how serious you are about your music quality. Both of the models may not survive 10 hours, but achieve close to it. Small light weight power bank may also helps to go along with it...
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    Covid-19 effect Ali X Feedback : I like to mention all my shipments which I order during 'New Year Deal' end up successful delivery which I mention at Post No #1909 (1) Due to Virus outbreak 4 un track low value item via Yawmen Air mail which is famous for order lost / stolen are now...
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    How AAP won Delhi

    Two main reason (1) In his terms, he makes profit approx eleven lakh core by selling Petrol / Diesel at an inflated price since 2014 as long the crude oil price is very low all over the world and directly injected to that money to the development of all rural village projects i,e Roads, Water...
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    Does any one know what happened to Erodov ?

    Or demonetization or Slow Economy :confused: hmmm...remembered Katmandude
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    Demonetisation and its Aftermath

    This is a 10-month-old video but it may relevant to this thread - If not then ignore.
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    I like to ask here, Anybody receives their order after the '2019-nCoV' outbreak as Pandemic to the world? I mean here when you don't know there this severe disaster waiting to unleash and your order time was 1st week of January.
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    My two shipments right now (Below Screen Shot attached), Last updated 19/01 and I highly doubt any of these will ever see any successful delivery due to the current virus outbreak in China. First, the new year holiday begins on 18th Jan To 4th Feb....So everything halted for that reason - Now...
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    Laser Printer with Scan and Xerox (All in One Kind) - B&W ok, low maintenance preferred

    Hello experts - if you can please share your thoughts about, This one don't have any Wi-Fi or LAN port just simple USB only - Original Toner Cartridges is quite cheap comparing other Brother Model, I'm interested on Scan - Copy function only, Hope this one can take two pages in the memory and...
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    Is this item is Large in Size or The Weight?