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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Pooh Intel Processors. Feel so bad when the sand paper scrapes the surface. Overall great DIY. Those sharp corners on the die will harm you. Please be careful. Got some nice ideas too. Will definitely tinker around some old processors.
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    Need help with Mumbai Foreign Post Office

    Please wait patiently. Will get the communication from Customs Department soon after the holidays. Its been 4-5 working days in that time gap from 28Sept to 06Oct.
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    ACT Fibernet upgrades and Extra bonus 2019

    Still I think ACT is leading the race for now in its plans at least in Bengaluru & Hyderabad. Jio Fiber has to make serious inroads. Its predatory pricing is way off.
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    Video What happened to my LED TV?

    I have seen this but on a 5 year old Samsung LCD TV. We heralded it as the end of life of the TV. This also led to severe display issues later on.
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Please do show off your hard work after you complete. Also steps involved in it. 1570321189
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    May I know why you bought decade old processor, giving live to some old rig or some other DIY ?
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    Buying from US - Best Deals - Discussion Thread

    Thanks for the confidence.
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    Buying from US - Best Deals - Discussion Thread

    Guys, need your advise on this. My aunt and my cousin are planning to purchase Tab S6 in the US and my aunt is bringing it to India for my uncle. The problem is she already has Tab S4 for her own use. Can she bring 2 tablets from USA? If so how.
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    Buying from US - Best Deals - Discussion Thread

    Sorry. It is about using Direct DC option, where some DC is not working on International Sites. I tried SBI DC ( Don't remember which one) back in 2018 & Kotak DC for the same transaction on Amazon USA. Both failed.
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    Buying from US - Best Deals - Discussion Thread

    Same here, Cleared payment. Paid using Paypal India linked DC. Just make sure your DC supports international shopping sites.
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    Zomato, Pune Eatery Fined Rs. 55,000 For Serving Chicken Instead Of Paneer

    Even I was served chinese chicken manchurian instead of gobi manchurian gravy. Settled with a refund and my friend took it off my plate. Good punishment though I suspect they will appeal, else they will begin to lose to others. However kudos to the hotel to owning up their error. Zomato...
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    Mozilla firefox extensions bug certifications error!!

    Installing or upgrading to v 66.0.4 fixes the issue. Also make sure you upgrade the extensions after doing the ff upgrade.
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    SBI multiple account issues

    Simple Solution. Login to the netbanking site, under profile you have to give full transaction rights to the new a/c no. (needs her profile password & OTP) I don't remember the the correct menu choice, but it should be from right top menu. Give it a try, else I will confirm.
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    (IC): NATO straps for watches

    I am interested in 3 pieces. As usual great initiative. Time for new wraps for the HMT Pilot.
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    FS: Others Amazon USA gift cards - Email Only

    Fast and prompt dealing with you. Thanks.