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    Budget 21-30k Help me build a Windows 7/Linux PC

    Hi guys, I have a unique challenge for you guys.I have a modern intel NUC for daily use.That serves all my daily needs except when I need to use Wimdows 7/XP for legacy software or old games or Linux software.I use an ancient Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop with Puppy Linux,Knoppix to do...
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    CPU/Mobo Urgent help required for intel xeon processor!

    Thanks for the quick reply. Where should I look for a reliable comparative summary of the two processors? The catch is that it is OEM supply with 1 year warranty.
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    CPU/Mobo Urgent help required for intel xeon processor!

    Hi guys, posting after a long time. im going to build a pc in the near future. I will be using some existing parts. but this query is about an immediate opportunity that will expire soon. I have an option to buy an intel xeon e3 1220 which i think is sandy bridge for 8.5 k is it...
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    Budget 41-50k Please help me build a gaming PC within Rs. 40k

    after all the discussion in the thread and the final specs ,im curious as to why an intel xeon 1220 e3 @ 13.2k (costtocost) was not recommended? iif youre going to spend on discrete graphics anyway, an intel xeon with i7 like cpu performance makes sense? or does it not? Experts kindly...
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    Budget 10-15K Budget phone for downloading

    Get a used Nokia 5800 or cheaper android phone for 1.5-2k for downloading purpose.
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    WTB 32 Gb Micro SD card

    Wtb 32 Gb micro SD card.HMU
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    FS: Mobile Sweetest mobile deal ever on TE

    Phone shipped. Awaiting feedback
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    FS: Mobile Sweetest mobile deal ever on TE

    Phone sold to @siril_k will be shipped in a day. Thanks for everyone's interest.
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    FS: Mobile Sweetest mobile deal ever on TE

    Lg p500 LG Optimus One, P500, V - xda-developers Everything there is to know about this awesome phone. A list of things you can do with your old Android : Android About 2.5 years fine. I use it as backup phone and bluetooth music player at home /car Perfect little torrent...
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    WTB symbian phone Nokia

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    WTB symbian phone Nokia

    WTB a s60v5 or v3 Nokia phone. Nokia 5800 and the likes. Kindly PM me if any member has one of these lying around.
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    FS: Mobile DELL XCD 35 / ZTE BLADE with 512mb Ram Running 4.1.2 Touchwiz Rom in excellent condition market realities.youll have to offer a substantial discount to try and sell it. wise decision to keep using it if it serves your purpose.
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    Anybody with hands on experience with spice mi 1010?

    Has anybody come across the spice stellarpad mi 1010? I had planned to purchase it as soon as it became available on flipkart. But then i came across this review:Tablet review: Spice Stellar Pad Mi 1010 money quote: "During our entire test duration, the tablet never slowed down. Only once did...
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    LG Optimus One - battery

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    How to install Custom ICS on LG Optimus One (P500)

    I called up customer care centre and they quoted 1200 rs and that id have to pay in advance so they can order it!!!!