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    FiiO E7

    Would also appreciate it if anyone can point me to where these can be purchased in Chennai.
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    The book I am reading currently

    dust of dreams - steven erikson found The Gathering Storm fairly good all things considered (apart from the Mat-centric chapters)
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    Please can someone help me solve this puzzle ?

    wierd.. pic is definitely lifted frm here:
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    Please can someone help me solve this puzzle ?

    Hades Echidna being the she-viper, cerberus her off-spring who guards the gates to the underworld, the master of which is hades. Comp link: Cerberus <> Kerberos as well as this
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    Graphic Cards Released: NVIDIA Linux Display Driver 1.0-8756

    NVIDIA Linux Display Driver - IA32/AMD64/EM64T Version: 1.0-8756 Operating System: Linux IA32/AMD64/EM64T Release Date: April 7, 2006 Size: IA32 - 12.4MB AMD64/EM64T - 9.5MB Release Highlights: Adds support for GeForce 7300, GeForce 7400 Go, GeForce 7600 and GeForce 7900 GPUs. Added...
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    For Chennaiites - Madras Gymkhana Club

    Membership of the MGC is currently closed, except perhaps, for corporate membership. Even when it does open, there is quite a long list of applicants to go thru'. I suggest that you try at your local YMCA... membership is ~10k, IIRC
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    iTunes: 1 billion and counting...

    ^^ he sure did !! No prizes for guessing his friends' next birthday gift ;)
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    iTunes: 1 billion and counting...

    For Alex Ostrovsky from West Bloomfield, Michigan, the sound of Coldplay's â€Speed of Sound†just got a whole lot sweeter. The teenager, purchasing the track for under a dollar as part of Coldplay's "X&Y" album, became the lucky owner of the One Billionth song downloaded from Apple's...
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    NS-2 Network Simulator -- Help Needed!

    Hey all, I'm planning to use a network simulator for implementation of a project. Someone mentioned that NS-2 is a good simulator, but he didn't know much about it. At this point, I just need to know if it is feasable to use NS-2 for my project, which involves firewalling, & would greatly...
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    Greetings Mortals

    we'r all over the place ;)
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    Greetings Mortals

    Greetings, Voronda ! :welcome: to TE !
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    AOL, Yahoo offer to bypass spam filers for $$$

    AOL, Yahoo offer to bypass spam filters for $$$ AOL and Yahoo, two of the world's largest e-mail service providers, plan to charge a fee to send email directly to user inboxes, without passing through junk-mail filters. Senders have to pay from a quarter of a cent to 1 cent per mail, to have...
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    best torrent client ever

    Same here... Speed's pretty good for a client supposedly banned on a lot of private trackers !
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    suggest a cell phone

    ^^ if any1 wants to contact them: (044) 52140022 / 9840136767 Phase 3, First floor, Spencer Plaza They are not likely to give their *best* rates over the phone, though.
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    Bharti to offer IPTV

    Bharti is set to enter the niche "Internet Protocol TV" (IPTV) segment where video content would be offered through its telephone lines. UTStarcom, which is the the technology partner of Bharti in this venture of 'Triple Play', has installed a digital headend in Gurgaon where the trial run is...