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    Notion Adam taking orders for Adam

    Got an email from Notion Ink last evening. Pricing for India. LCD-Wifi - INR 19000 LCD-Wifi-3g - 24000 PQi-Wifi - INR 24000 Pqi-Wifi-3g - INR 27000 Add INR 2999 for Shipping , Customs, Taxes & Handling Charges. No real price drop. Is it worth it ?????? Here's a transcript of the email:
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    Customs Duty on Motorola Xoom tablet?

    Just ensure its not box packed !! Shouldn't be an issue.
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    A sad day for Notion Ink. Adam gets a 3/10 rating on engadget

    Notion Ink Adam review -- Engadget :(
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    Web Server @ home - For Hosting Lynx-india Website

    +1 for Amazon EC2. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Its more expensive than indian providers. But its fairly failsafe and scales easily. Cheers.
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    Ico For Ps2 (PAL Copy)

    I have exactly what you need. Sadly, its not for sale. If you ever are in Mumbai and want to borrow it, let me know.
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    Storage Solutions Can Hard drives keep up with growing Internet Speeds?

    hahaha.. 40 GB/s. I wonder what network he was on.. Maybe he had an optic fibre running into the computer..... connected to his backside at the other end ?? All crap your tutor has given you. Next time you meet him, tell him off !!
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    Eneloop batteries from mediahome-3 yrs old

    Review: Testing Sanyo's Eneloop Low Self-Discharge Rechargeable Battery going by what this guy says, shouldn't be a problem.
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    NEW Dell Inspiron 'R' Series Laptop

    Yup. All done. Thanks. I hope the delivery is soon. Cheers. @karan - 3 yrs complete cover is something you should consider. Peace of mind and yes, better resale value.
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    NEW Dell Inspiron 'R' Series Laptop

    @raj 404 - YgPM. @Praks - I agree. The new R series hinge looks quite horrendous. But then its also cheaper and has better specs. I went and checked out the 14'' at a Dell store. Seems quite sturdy.
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    Discounts on Apple Macbook pro?

    6% is the max student discount the apple store in Bandra, Mumbai was ready to give.
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    Best Twitter client for Windows

    Tweetdeck .. use it. love it.
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    panasonic 32s10 or some other 32" tv for 35K

    Found an ebay listing for 32 inch ex400 for 31700. eBay India: SONY BRAVIA EX SERIES KLV-32EX400 LCD TV 32 INCHES 32" (item 280492252744 end time 21-Apr-2010 08:00:00 IST) Dunno what to make of it !!
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    Sony KLV-32EX400 for 31700 on ebay. Is it worth it ?

    I've been on a lookout for a 32 inch. I came across this today. Its considerably cheaper than what the MRP is. eBay India: SONY BRAVIA EX SERIES KLV-32EX400 LCD TV 32 INCHES 32" (item 280492252744 end time 21-Apr-2010 08:00:00 IST) I live in Mumbai and the seller is in Kolkata. Will duty come...
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    Laptops Here comes the Sony Vaio E series - Budget Gaming

    Great.. Where did you pick it up from ? I've not managed to get anyone below 37. Did they throw in the goodies ?
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    How good is Tikona Wi-Bro?

    Tikona is absolute bullshit.. I got a connection in Dec which worked on and off for 15 days. I put in a complaint and apparently a technician came and fixed it... on a day I was out of town. In Jan I asked for a disconnection.. which never happenned. I kept getting billed. Now a couple of days...