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    FS: Tablet iPad Pro 10.5 256gb Cellular model

    Thank you for being thorough with the answers. Is it possible to purchase Apple care for this iPad ?
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    FS: Tablet iPad Pro 10.5 256gb Cellular model

    I am just keen to know how much of a nuisance can be that spot. Is it like a small spot or like an area of discoloration, can Apple care be purchased for this iPad ?
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    FS: Mobile Galaxy Note 8 Duos(Price Reduced)

    Does Airtel 4G / Jio 4G/VOLTE work with this phone. Also can you share the place where it was purchased from like Dubai, Singapore, US etc.
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    Poco F1 smartphone officially launched! (With SD845, 6GB/64GB starting 21k)

    But if you get the positives in that review, they have not mentioned camera at all. Which is strange. Flipkart had a deal on this phone,they were offering 3k extra for exchange and there was also 2k discount or instant cash back either by ICICI/Axis even on EMI. For 25k Asus 5Z is a good buy.
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    Poco F1 smartphone officially launched! (With SD845, 6GB/64GB starting 21k)

    Yeah, i hate the flash sales myself. It will be 6 months before i am able to get one. Had to purchase Redmi Note 5 Pro from an offline store.
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    caselabs goes bankrupt

    Well, i guess you guys dont know the other side of the story. They actually went out against Thermaltake with all guns blazing.
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    Online Game Deals - Steam, Amazon, Origin, GOG, Humble Bundles

    I missed BF1 and Titalfall 2 combo deal sale this year. I guess both games with deluxe edition were for under 1500 INR.uhuuu, its back - Selling for 1400 with all the premium DLC.
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    Graphic Cards Graphics card makers will be forced to slash prices after GPU shipments fall by 40%
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    FS: Mobile Redmi Note 3 - 3GB RAM/ 32GB Internal Memory- Explorer Edition

    Any testing period or warranty, in case anyone shows interest. Probably me .:D
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    Nvidia Overestimated Bitcoin Mining Demand, Stuck With Excess GPU Inventory:Source

    AMD is also making money with both hands - Crypto and consoles. They dont care about this otherwise would have readily launched a product in haste as Nvidia is screwed with the stockpile. I want wait and see what to get in the coming months, either PS4 Pro or a better GPU.
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    Swachh Bharat Abhiyan a big Fail?

    Not wanting to be outspoken, i guess it is on to us to pick up the batton and run the country. I don't see young leadership as opposed to other countries. We should have a rule like in US where Politics is no more a dynasty. BJP talks about Gandhi family, aren't there other parties where the...
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    Swachh Bharat Abhiyan a big Fail?

    Guys you got it all wrong, it was to clean all the black money from India and rest from the banks - Give it to Lalit Modi, Mallya, Nirav Modi and other people close to this government. Clean India - that is what Modi ji wanted. :D
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    Windows Windows 10 should DIE !!! Microsoft experts ruined it. ?

    Same here - Some applications i use work only with Windows. Otherswise Mac / Ubuntu / Cent OS is what i prefer.