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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    yamaha RH-5Ma $55 ImageShack(TM) slideshow
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    R4i - Nintedo DSi Query

    CycloDS Evolution is very good. if u want a cheaper one get -- supercard DS one or acekard 2i OR wait for supercard DS two..which will be the BEST ever flash card !!
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    DS Lite <3

    No didnt got the screen guards...I think its not required...maybe for PSP. Took me a long time to choose between PSP and DS.DS was a better choice for me.
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    DS Lite <3

    My new Nintendo DS lite Silver :P Slideshow at --> ImageShack(TM) slideshow Damage :- Nintendo DS lite silver --- $129:hap2: Logitech DS case --- $7 :cool2: React - Guitar Hero: On Tour Protective Case --- $2.99 Bestbuy :P Supercard DSone ( To do homebrew stuff ) --- $30 from...
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    Graphic Cards Can I play fifa 09

    try out PES too
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    PS2 , 360 related problem...

    lol.. plz dont play 360 on that TV
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    Audio Nuforce or Soundmagic

    Soundmagic has amazing built quality. I have a PL-12 .....I extremely abuse it like a 100bucks iball headphone :P , still it works perfectly.(using it since 5 months)
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    Laptops New sony laptop running very slow !!

    my dads 80k Sony had the same problem...installation takes 2 hrs...Even SP3 took 8 I checked using everest software...the processor was underclocking itself
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    God of War III - Discussion thread

    Re: The God of War III thread! This game is too BLooDy for me.... Just completed watching the whole walk-through on youtube!... The game is amazing :hap2:
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    Chaos got married?!!

    congrats !.... What kind of speakers u planned for receptions ?? :P
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    OMG ! It's a gurl amidst the geeks ! Hello.....

    Hiya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!! :D
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    Filmfare 2010 Nominations

    The highest bidder wins the award :P
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    How's the name 'Laksh' ?

    lol...why ask here ??... go to a astrologist !
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    PC Peripherals Suggest a gaming mouse under 1.5k for gaming cafe

    intelli mouse -- it will last long MX518 -- to attract customers :P