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    Suggest a Front Load washer for 20-25K

    1585277547 That is model, used by wife, Sorry, I don't know much about. Only one thing, so far Peace of Mind. Clothes are washed, and dried in rainy. Will try to post more information soon.
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    Suggest a Front Load washer for 20-25K

    using IFB Above model since, 2 years with 0 maintenance, and remaining 2 years warranty. Working Excellent.
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    FS: Processor i5 4460, B85 Motherboard, 12 GB DDR3 1333 MHz RAM

    Check your ac and acknowledge the receipt
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    FS: Processor Ryzen 1300x

    Does It include HSF ?
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    FS: Processor i5 4460, B85 Motherboard, 12 GB DDR3 1333 MHz RAM

    Please confirm to transfer the amount to your upi.
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    BSNL Broadband, After exhaust of FUP

    Dear Members, I have one problem with Bsnl BB, after completion of FUP, have to open a browser and select Decline to upgrade daily. Any solution to get rid of this.
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    Advice on Split AC brand to buy

    Sir, What should be volume of the Room so that <= 1ton ac can be used. Going for 2kwatt Solar First then Ac Next. Also I want to Know, for a Ac Room exhaust should be used for Fresh Air ??
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    Windows Cant install Windows 7 in dell inspiron 5370 with i5 8250h

    Sir, I have install Win32 on 6th Gen, But I "THINK", can be installed on 8th/9th gen making you Win32 bootable UEFI with Ruf etc., FIRST FIND/TEST WIN32 USB, DRIVERS AND HAS TO INTEGRATED WITH WIN32 INSTALLATION DISK. It may not possible in legacy mode. Hope by Testing "With Ubuntu 32...
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    Help : GA-H97-D3H is supports MX500 M.2 2280 500GB

    Dear Members, Motherboard link: M2 SSD Link : Does the above motherboard supports the M2 - 2280 ssd ? Or shall go for Normal ...
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    What happened to ebay india

    Is erodov closed or technical problem ?
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    Storage Solutions 120GB SSD Error

    Thanks to all, will update after all completing all the suggestions. Once again Thanks
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    Storage Solutions 120GB SSD Error

    Hello Members, What is this error ? Shall I continue to Use ? It is just one month Old.
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    FS: Others Winter Sale

    Sorry for hurting
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    FS: Others Winter Sale

    Sir, requested to change Profile Picture Please.