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    Master Hardware Contacts List

    I need Help with MSI motherboard Warranty CLAIM numbers
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    The 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    15 k really ? that low ?
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    The 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    How much can i sell this for ? XFX RX480 8GB condition fans can be swapped with new RGB fans i5 6600k MSI b150m mother board 8GB of Hyper X Ram Thank you
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    Video editor for editing wedding videos

    Yo.... Although I am no Pro, But As Far As I Know, Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro Should Get The Job Done Bro! :facepalm:
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    Need to upgrade TV after 10 years (1-1.5 lakh)

    using a VU past 6 years 32 incher, still works flawlessly. I would recommend go for vu 4k bang for the buck!! also get a descent sound system to go with it as tv speakers suck! Cheers!
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    Bahubali2 (lol...becuase everyone wants to watch Bahubali!!!) 5/10 Moonlight - not bad/ not that good, Oscar fame 6/10
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    Monitors Which monitor should I get for gaming and Graphics?

    I use the Lg with my Amd Rx 480 and it s a perfect match. colours are good and tearfree gaming is awesome, as its a freesync monitor. it is also has very thin bezels the screen is matt finish which i prefer and i have no complaints about the monitor after 4 months of use. bought it for 8k...
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    Budget 41-50k VFM Future ready Gaming setup

    Update! So I went Ahead and Bought the XFX RX480 8GB and i5 6600 (not a big diff in price to 6500) ..will be here in India by 1st Nov Damages - 424$ (Rs. 28408) Now that the 2 most expensive parts for the Rig are bought....Need Suggestions for the Other Components, especially the...
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    Graphic Cards Gtx 1060 vs 1070,too confusing

    @PHOENiX117 ..Does EVGA give international warranty on their Product ? I am in the same boat as you..looking to buy graphics card from US Thanks
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    Budget 41-50k VFM Future ready Gaming setup

    Hey @Skynet! Thanks For the Suggestion!.. the thing is along with gaming i also do a lot of encoding/rendering of Videos on Premiere Pro and stuff Its true i wont be having warranty here in India..But the Difference in Price is quite Significant on cpu/gpu/mobo ...Tempted to take the Risk...
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    Budget 41-50k VFM Future ready Gaming setup

    Thanks a Lot for the Suggestions guys...I have modified a bit according to availability and liking what do you think about this setup ? as i5 6600 and i5 6600k prices are almost chould i opt for overclocking ? These are the prices i am getting from the US and India combined...
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    Budget 41-50k VFM Future ready Gaming setup

    Waddaap Fellow TE Members! New To build a new Gaming Rig From Scratch ...Need Help and humble Advices.... What is your budget? 50k What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) I have nothing as of now except for my laptop. Which hardware will...
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    Documentaries worth Watching ?

    I watch em, and find them really good and bizzare
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    Audio Earphones Started Peeling after 2yrs..Kya karoon ?

    ^thanks! will try to fix it with heat shrink tubing, that would work great!
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    5 day visit to Kashmir.. Need good hotel and guide

    @terminater Yes i visited precisely on 29th sept to 10 oct, The weather was around 25 degrees in the after noon at srinagar, but nights got colder around 10 degrees, wheres night temperatures at pahalgam were around 0 to 2 degrees. By looking at the package it seems pretty good, but make...