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  1. H purchase Debit card trouble

    Thanks a lot, I did not know about that registering thing. I am not looking for a portable drive though, am looking for internal ones. It would help me a lot if you could pm me the order no. Well one thing I fail to understand is why amazon has such a non functional chat support. They do not...
  2. H purchase Debit card trouble

    Am also planning to get a WD HDD from amazon, but if they do not put serial no it will be a big mess. When did you get a bill with serial no? Immediately after you purchased or only after proper delivery?
  3. H purchase Debit card trouble

    Intel g3420, chatting with amazon people makes me feel they are pure robots. They parrot one thing million times. Explained in every way i could that you need a serial no, but they are just not ready to listen, does someone know what to do?edit: mail also did not work :D
  4. H purchase Debit card trouble

    They are driving me mad, they say they do not put serial nos on the bill. Their support seems to parrot only one thing. Sir serial no is on the box, we dont ve serial no, ask the manufacturer for that. I was like seriously? Now I do not know where to contact them for adding serial no on the bill.
  5. H purchase Debit card trouble

    I went to the bank manager saying you are not helping, the helpline no has no idea so what to do. He said I will call in front of you, may be you did not inform them properly. Lol the helpline number even insulted the local Bank Manager. He was looking so embarrassed and angry. I wanted to...
  6. H purchase Debit card trouble

    My bank is full of brain dead people. Neither the local branch nor the call center has any idea of what is going on.
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    Budget 41-50k Want a HOME PC-NEEDS to provide a lag free MULTI-TABBED browsing/Youtube experience!!

    Load draw should not be more than 120 watts MAX, this is approx, not very sure. BTW I have no idea if attaching the TV to the ups will be a good idea. If you do not mind can you please help me out a bit?. I am thinking of buying exactly the same motherboard, just the micro atx version. Can you...
  8. H purchase Debit card trouble

    Mine has approx 20k max value. This was not an issue.
  9. H purchase Debit card trouble

    Thanks for the reply friends, I guess ICICI debit card is good from what most of you have said. For now guess will have to make a WTB thread for a gift card I guess and pay some additional amount. Lets see if someone is interested.
  10. H purchase Debit card trouble

    :( Well I tried but failed.
  11. H purchase Debit card trouble

    Well thanks for the reply both friends. That is really terrible. Only know of one friend who has ICICI card, not sure if he ll be willing to lend it. I was never in favor of credit cards after I saw it is nothing but stupid waste of money when a debit card solves the same purpose and does not...