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    Audio Bluetooth speakers under 1.5k

    Please suggest, Need reliable brand, good quality sound and compatibility with phones
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    WTB Xiaomi Yi or SJ4000

    PM me if anyone is selling yi or sj4000 action cams. I will order a new sj4000 in 2 days if i can't find anything here.
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    Guys, whom do i have to pay customs? Read through this thread and seems like custom charge is to be paid to delivery personnel. Will he provide any receipt for the custom payment? Sorry if this is a dumb question but i am totally ignorant of the custom tax payment. Any help will be appreciated.
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    I am facing a new issue now. :( I had made a purchase worth 1.2$ just to test my friend's citibank debit card, payment completed, aliexpress took 24 hours to verify payment and seller shipped the item. Next purchase i made was worth $105 (Rs.7100). But when i paid, even though payment was...
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    My debit card is an 'international debit card' according to bank of baroda. But somehow, doesn't work on aliexpress as well as on entropay. (both need payments in $) Is there any indian virtual credit card provider than takes money in INR and allows international payments in US$...
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    No western union, No credit card, Debit card not working. Only option left now is virtual credit card. I will give entropay a try. Will report if it works.
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    Not working for me. I got "Oops, we failed to save your card due to system reason. Please try again later." when i tried to add my cards to alipay.
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    I have seen that option but only maestro card is accepted there. I have VISA debit cards from SBI and bank of baroda
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    Guys, I am going to order a product worth Rs.7500 from aliexpress. I don't have a credit card so i intend to use Western union. Is Western union safe for aliexpress? Any precautions or tips for first time user of aliexpress as well as western union? Sorry if this was off topic
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    I am planning to buy a jacket (priced $108 free shipping china post) which is around 7500/- in INR. any idea how much custom duty will be charged?
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    FS: Storage Hardware 2TB Seagate barracuda internal HDD

    Final price drop to 3800 including shipping.