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    Black Friday 2015 deals in the USA

    Just a suggestion. Why are you buying an ageing nexus player. Do a comparison before you buy. I am in USA and trust me nexus player is not in demand here. People prefer Roku player 2 or new Apple TV. I am using Amazon fire stick and new Chrome Cast. In blackfriday deal I am looking for a roku...
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    Black Friday 2015 deals in the USA is the best resource for all stores.
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    What to get from the US ?

    Get a drone with Gopro camera and RC cars if you like such toys.
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    Good Knight mosquito repellent liquid is crap!

    How good is this? I am guessing this is safe for usage?
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    Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, who's watching ?

    Was the result fare? What you guys say?
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    Is this some kind of fraud?

    The visa fees are sponsored by the company and not the person who will be getting the visa. All India tech companies pay the visa fees. As @booo suggested report this to USCIS they will take care of the rest.
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    Shipping from Delhi/Noida to Mumbai

    Hi, My friend is coming back back from US to India so I am sending a RC car which is around $350. I want this RC car to be shipped from Delhi/Noida to Mumbai. So which courier options are good considering the safe & secure shipment. This is a Gift for my cousin. Thanks
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    Query about tourist visa to USA

    1st thing I want to point is. Parents visa is a breeze. There are no hiccups whatsoever. 1. You can sponsor the cost. You need to show your bank statements with an average balance of $4000-5000. 2. If there is any family event it becomes very easy. Following examples - family emergency due to...
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    Query about tourist visa to USA

    Logistopath answered all. My suggestion your father visa would be a breeze if you come into picture. Your brother has a secured job in India so he needs to show all his job related documents and his visa will not be a problem. Give reason that they are entering USA primarily for touring and...
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    Activate your Whatsapp Voice calling

    Why has this been informed officially?
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    Activate your Whatsapp Voice calling

    I tried activating for 2 of my friends and they are not getting Call feature enabled. They downloaded 2.12.14 from whatsapp site. Any suggestions?
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    Extra facilities required while flying to JFK

    @coolcowboy Thanks for the detailed info. Will PM you for more details.
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    Extra facilities required while flying to JFK

    Booked tickets with AirIndia and I confirmed with them. Bassinet will be provided but no escort facility. They give escort facility only for senior citizens or kids travelling alone. Don't understand this logic if a women is travelling with an infant how she can carry the luggage and stroller...
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    Extra facilities required while flying to JFK

    Hey Guys, I will be booking my wife and 2 months daughter airlines tickets for Mumbai to JFK. Two things I need urgent info. 1. I need bassinet for my infant. So how to book that. Makemytrip has no option while booking it and their support says that depends upon Airlines. I want the bassinet...
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    Queries related to passport

    <this post was lost due to a crash in which we lost 3 days of posts>