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    FS: Desktops 7700k (delidded)/Asus Z270e

    Up for sale are my 7700k and Asus Z270e. These are both part of my daily gaming rig. Selling as upgrading to a 9900k system. Have the invoice for both and the box for the motherboard. No RAM, storage or cooling included in the sale. Local sale only, based in Bangalore Product Name: Intel 7700k...
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    Thanks. Worked Placed the order. Will leave feedback on Amazon after a week
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    Amazon India lightning deals

    I would like one please
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    ACT Fibernet upgrades and Extra bonus 2019

    They need you to cancel the existing subscription and resubscribe through them
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    Monitors Are 1440p 144Hz IPS monitors worth the hassle?

    Was the Acer model. Got it from the local dealer, don't know which store
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    Monitors Are 1440p 144Hz IPS monitors worth the hassle?

    I've been using the Acer for over two years. No issues with it The general problem with these panels relate to panel lottery. Frequency of significant backlight bleed seems to higher than normal ips monitors. A friend of mine had to exchange his twice. Buy from a source who would help with such...
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    Budget 71-90K PC for Photo editing (Photoshop/Lightroom)

    For photo editing, single thread performance is pretty important - more so than extra cores. On current offerings, this favours intel over AMD for the CPU. This favours the intel 8600 over the Ryzen R5 2600. However, the Ryzen is better for most other things - in particular if you will also be...
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    A Gift Parcel from France - Charged customs duty

    The limit for customs free gifts is Rs5000 AFAIK
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    Bohemian Rhapsody 9/10 Must watch for anyone who enjoyed Queen's music
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    WTB: Corsair Air 740 in Bangalore

    Found a new one for sale. Will put up a thread for the NZXT H700i separately
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    WTB: Corsair Air 740 in Bangalore

    Anybody? Also willing to consider a Lian Li O11 Air (not the Dynamic version)
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    WTB: Corsair Air 740 in Bangalore

    Interested in buying a Corsair Air 740 case in Bangalore If the seller wants to trade it for an NZXT H700i, we can work something out
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    TheITdepot & Primeabgb buying experience

    With ITDepot, only products with the green ready to dispatch tag are actually in stock. For others listed, I message them to check actual availability before ordering. They list them on the assumption that they can source them. I've never ordered anything high value online through prime...
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    AIO cooler - 140 or 280mm