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    WTB wanted 250gb or 500gb ssd

    Hi, I want to buy a 250/240/500 GB ssd drive. Preferably in Mumbai looking at the current prevailing scenario shipment from outside Mumbai not possible. Since I stay in Mumbai I can still pick up. My primary HDD crashed so in need of an ssd.
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    Beware of Indiaplaza

    Yep rightly said. Just burnt my fingers very recently with my order from indiaplaza. THEY SUCK BIG TIME. PEOPLE NEVER ORDER FROM INDIAPLAZA. TRUST ME THEY JUST DONT BOTHER ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. I occassionally order from flipkart and their service has been asbsolutely good. better pay a few...
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    50% Off On Books At Indiaplaza

    Spoke to the customer care after a long wait on call and finally got through. Had ordered 3 books out of which 2 got cancelled due to no stock which I find as absolute nonsense reason. The books which i ordered was not an exotic book or something, infact two were indian editions and one was an...
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    50% Off On Books At Indiaplaza

    Never ever order books from indiaplaza.......stupid people.....i wonder how they r still in business...really had bad a bit more and order from reliable websites like flipkart atleast they inform you beforehand if the order is cancelled and dont wait till the last minute. Took...
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    [MTNL] New UNLIMITED Plans starting Rs.555/- | Day:320Kbps, Night:1Mbps | Mumbai Only

    Re: 1mbps/unlimited/MTNL/Rs 500!!! How come.....there is nowhere on mtnl's website is this plan...can u pls elaborate...cos i m searching for a good ul broadband connection with not fup in mumbai.
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    50% Off On Books At Indiaplaza

    Yep same here regarding the deliverability of books by indiaplaza. Have faced problems before when i bought books from them. Though some of the books have great pricing, the deliverability of the same on time is highly doubtful. Still in two minds whether to order from them or not
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    Revolutiontt Bans India

    Dat was really unwarranted for. :bangin:
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    Good Brand MP3 Players-Archos [ Tell Me About Others ]

    Is it possible to source these phones. Teclast C290 Google Translate Teclast C300SE Google Translate
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    Brochure / Catalog Design Concept

    @malhotraraul:Rightly said. Agree with you in totality. Like another member said its upto the individual to decide whether he/she wants to go ahead with speculative work. But i do have a question for TE members. Would you buy say ram, or processor or motherboard from a dealer with the condition...
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    Brochure / Catalog Design Concept

    Same old story. Speculative work. Its funny when these kinda things keep appearing again and again. I think guys u need to have a look at this video. Does it sound similar. Restaurant and Menu analogy....No offence YouTube - The Vendor Client relationship - in real world situations
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    Anything from Dell

    Can u quote me the price for Dell UltraSharp 1909W Monitor shipped to mumbai
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    Salute to the Mumbai trains service

    Yep rightly quoted. Hats off to railway men. I have seen commuters bad mouthing motormen for train delays or halts at signal. Its not the motormens fault. He has to follow the signal. Dats the system. A train is not a car which a driver can drive or take turns at his/her whims and fancies...
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    Lots of stuff, see inside

    Hi mayank, The pic of the wired usb keyboard is upside down and i dont see the name of the board anywhere except you name on the paper clip.
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    FireFox 3.5.2- Crappy

    Glad to know its working alright :) cheers enjoy. Have a beer!!!! hahaha. As for flash, download the latest player from adobe website and install it. One more thing. Before installing the flash player dont forget to close firefox.
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    FireFox 3.5.2- Crappy

    Its running fine for me. check out the plugins if you are using any, which might be the cause. some of the plugins and addons are not compatible with firefox 3.5