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    The 'How much can I sell this for?' thread

    how much can I expect for RHA t10i with box and 1 year of warranty left and Sennhieser HD598 with box? Both working in excellent condition
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    Best place to buy Suits in Bangalore ??

    Never purchase a ready made suit... get it stitched... Go To Commercial Street and purchase the stitching material to your liking and budget... Once done find a decent tailor and get it stitched. Normal prices around Commercial Street will be close to 3.5K for a 2 piece suit. However if you...
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    FS: Headphone Audio Technical ATH M50x

    Feedback is a feedback... U cannot demand that u be given a positive feedback... It's based on the deal struck... U are buying a 2nd hand product that is around 2 yrs old... So u ought to expect some wear and tear during normal usage... If u wanted something sparkling as new for a price of two...
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    FS: Headphone Audio Technical ATH M50x

    Item dispatched via DTDC and tracking ID shared...
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    FS: Headphone Audio Technical ATH M50x

    Payment received... box has been packed waiting to dispatch... was unable to do it due to 500 Notes not being accepted and not having enough 100 rupee notes... even the ATMs are empty... hopefully it will be dispatched tomorrow.... Shipment was agreed on the actual charges by courier. Rs 250...
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    FS: Headphone Audio Technical ATH M50x

    At the moment its retailing for 10.5k on flipkart and 9.8k on Amazon. And as these are HeadPhones I do not believe they depreciate as other electronics and generally good to go for years together. I seem to believe even after considering the depreciation 6k seems to be fair... however its a bit...
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    FS: Headphone Audio Technical ATH M50x

    Good Condition Preferring to sell locally... May ship the item at the cost of buyer Box and complete accessories available Pads are a bit worn out due to usage No technical issues of any kind Buyer will be provided a testing period of couple of days
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    FS: Mobile Google Nexus 4 - 16GB - White + Klipsch S4A

    bump... Price drop... 10.5kBump Bump... revised price
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    Car & Bike Formula 1 2015 Discussion thread

    by the looks of the Australian GP.... Mercs are atleast 1 full second faster in Qualifying and same translates to the race as well... Ferrari and others have improved but this season as well Mercs will get away with all the goodies. The action will be for 2nd position between redbull, ferrari...
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    Audio Need Suggestions for In-Ear Phones between 1k-5k.

    if u want I am currently selling Klipsch s4a on "I want sell or trade" section.... They are in great condition...