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    What exactly is Government of India doing?

    Yup through the nose. Rewatched recently, Thanks for the detailed response Btw.
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    What exactly is Government of India doing?

    You seem to know this inside and out, must be keeping tabs on the developing situation with hydroxychloroquine? Apparently it actually does work to some degree according to recent studies. What do you make of it?
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    How's lockdown?

    Well props to you for managing it on your own. It looked like a gas leak for me so in any case I would have had needed external assistance. With appropriate precautions we will need a certain degree of inside outside movement in the long run anyway.
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    FS: Mobile Brand New Samsung A70S (8GB Ram/ 128 GB / SD 675 / 6.7' sAMOLED Display / 25 W fast charging / in-display fingerprint / 64 MP + 32 MP Camera)

    Expected Price: Rs 23,999/- Manufacturer Link: Source and Time of Purchase: Chroma, Jun 9, 2020. Reason for Sale: Not using. RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced. Product Condition: 10/10. Purchase Invoice Available: Yes...
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    How's lockdown?

    lol had the same problem. Had the electrician come in and solve it. The lockdown is largely lifted in Delhi so it doesn't feel much different than before, but I am not the sort to head out much anyway. The real problem is the disruption to the economy and such like.
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    Xiaomi laptops launched in India.

    Apart from the non-upgradeability, the use of intel is disappointing. AMD ryzen would be fantastic for machines at this price point. They could put in a 4700U 8 core for 800-1200$ laptops which is what these appear to be. 1593586028 Absolutely, I recently bumped up a machine to 16 GB and...