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    Graphic card under 6k

    Interested in RX 460 4 gb??
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    WTB : Looking for Edifier or Swan bookshelf speakers

    Hi Guys, I am looking for Bookshelf Speakers (or 2.1). Specifically looking for Edifier R1280 or Swan d1010. or something in the range of 5k. Cheers!!!
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    PC Peripherals Which 2.0 speaker?

    @Dark Star Just saw this deal in proaudiohome.. m10 for 6k..
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    Rest in Peace Udit

    Rest In Peace Udit!!!!
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    [WTB] Cheapest Graphics Card That Supports 4K Resolution

    Not sure if it will support 4k.. but I have RX460 4 gb ..
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    PC Peripherals Which 2.0 speaker?

    How about this one? Even i am in the same boat and was looking for one.. Came across this one. Any idea on this one guys!! 1582291097 @Dark Star Did you took...
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    Fiio e10k

    PM me.. I do have one.
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    Budget 15-20K Pixel 2xl Vs Realme XT

    So what u decided?
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    120gb ssd

    Hi guys, Looking for a 120gb ssd with good health. My location is Chennai. Cheers!!!!
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    Looking for RGB fans

    Hi, Am looking for some rgb fans with good air flow. Cheers!!!!!
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    Want to buy a Nvidia GTX 1050 ti 4gb

    Cool bro.. Good luck with your search!!
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    Want to buy a Nvidia GTX 1050 ti 4gb

    I have gigabyte RX 460 4gb.. Interested?
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    GTX 960/970 4gb 1060/1660 6gb

    I have an RX 460 4 GB one with 3 years of warranty (i guess).. u interested in it?