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    Yes happened to me many times , sometimes after 60 days if a i raise a dispute the seller gives a refund , but a few sellers ask us to wait another month , but iv'e noticed that after this 90 days period aliexpress always gave me the refund irrespective of what the seller says.
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    i order lots of tiny things from aliexpress , always got them even though takes time. due to the current coronovirus thing , after receiving the parcels i immediately dispose the packing material and sanitize the items after which i thoroughly wash my hands and face , maybe stupid but is a...
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    Anyone brought lithium-ion batteries from Aliexpress?

    if the value of the product stays below 5000 rs then generally customs wont mind, the lower the price the better . after purchase you can request the seller to quote a lower price on the package details so that you wont have trouble with customs. i bought smaller batteries of 2000mah capacity...
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    FS: Others Cupboard Clearance Sale

    @Harpy.eagle , Its not on hold , but I just want to clear out these stuff to make some space, if you get time please do look it up and we can have a good deal.
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    FS: Others Cupboard Clearance Sale

    @Harpy.eagle are you still interested in the speaker, its a good sounding speaker
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    FS: Others Plantronics Voyager Bluetooth Headset

    Hardly ever used this one , was gifted by someone about 2 years ago. the black leather like finish does attract scuffs and dust but is a pleasure to hold , please check out the pics