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    iPhone SE/ Android Phone with Snapdragon 820 or better

    Did you check Quikr Certified Bazzar for Mobile? I have purchased quite a few smartphones from there and they were all in great working condition.
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    Monitors Suggestions for a 22" Monitor

    Well, there will always be a few negative posts for any product out there. Anyway, go for the LG monitor! It'll be good.
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    What PSU

    Antec BP450PS 450 Watt SMPS This PSU should be more than enough for your requirements.
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    Monitors Suggestions for a 22" Monitor

    If the PC is rocking an AMD GPU, then I'll suggest going for Freesync Compatible Monitor as it will be really fluid for CAD and Solid Works. I have this one as a dual monitor set-up and it's amazing. LG 24 inch Gaming Monitor If not then these: LG 22 inch (55cm) LCD Monitor Lenovo L-Series...
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    New ssd need 512gb or 1tb

    If you're asking about equivalency of storage size between crucial and Samsung then they are identical in storage size. Moreover, you can grab crucial 1tb for 11K and evo860 for 14.75K for the best price as of now. I'll recommend saving some money and opting for crucial as a tiny bit difference...
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    Budget 41-50k laptop to run a 4k monitor

    Running 4K resolution is not a problem for basic tasks like browsing, playing music, watching videos and such but if you want to push 4K at all the levels. The laptop will require serious GPU power and adequate CPU processing. Anyway, this one should do the trick, Acer Nitro Ryzen 5 15.6-inch...
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    Budget 0-20k Please recommend a laptop for long last Battery.

    With the budget of 20K being the upper limit. I'll suggest buying a second-hand laptop and reviewing the available options. Cross-search the available model on the internet for its battery life and if the config is adequate for your purpose. Go for it.