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    PC Peripherals PC UPS suggestion <1500rs!660!3!100765034605!!!g!192398703925!&utm_campaign=FTU_250_CM_29978194525&utm_term=192398703925&ef_id=VxiB0wAAACviE8k0:20160728123630:s This model...
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    Nvidia officially announces Pascal based GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 gpu's

    Strangely in India, Founder's edition cards have the lowest street prices currently. Mid tier AIB offerings like the MSI X, ASUS Strix non-OC are retailing for much more than FE cards. The Zotac Amp is priced at par and the G1 Gaming is just over FE prices. This is for both 1080 and 1070. Also...
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    Online Game Deals - Steam, Amazon, Origin, GOG, Humble Bundles

    My daughter is 18 months now and she wont allow anything to draw my attention away from her. She is a youtube addict already and can clearly pronounce numbers and alphabets alongwith rhymes and some odd bollywood tracks. I have to stay in bed till she dozes off or else the tantrums start...
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    The Little Rascal! GTX1070 FE
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    Nvidia officially announces Pascal based GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 gpu's

    Houston, we have a problem!,3.html Both FE & AIB cards affected.
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    Graphic Cards RX480 priced at 30.4k in India

    It's available at other shops in Kolkata as well. Lots of cards on display and that's a respite. Have not managed to get quotes yet. Waiting till 29th.
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    Graphic Cards Displayport to HDMI converters

    Hello, With most Pascal cards coming with a single HDMI port, I'll like to know if anyone uses a Displayport to HDMI adapter/cable which can transmit both video and audio. Does the generic ones suffice? As is, I need concurrent HDMI connections to two devices with both video and audio. Waiting...
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    Nvidia officially announces Pascal based GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 gpu's

    Almost certain news that AIB designs will not be any cheaper than the FE.
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    Nvidia officially announces Pascal based GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 gpu's

    Yes and makes no sense to me! I can almost save some money importing a couple of 1070s from the US. Dealers in Kolkata has started booking at similar prices.
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    Car & Bike What to Listen (non Music) in a Car (self driving) on a long trip?

    I mostly stick to Instrumentals as constant blabbering tend to induce headaches. That and a few cans of Redbull sees me through the day.
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    Car & Bike Suggest mobile phone holder for car

    Using this Tropicool holder. Seems rugged enough :
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    EMERGENCY, need to get boss fired , need advice

    This........will not end well
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    Car & Bike Please suggest family hatchback under 5L

    Hyundai i10(old gen) and MS Wagon R would be the most novice driver friendly car in your budget. I feel you have already shortlisted the right cars.
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    Dualband Gigabit wifi router for 1,800 sq.feet home

    I've been using the Asus RT AC 51U dual band router for a week now. Bought it for less than 3.5k. It lacks gigabit ethernet port and usb 3.0(has usb 2.0). Streams HD videos from phone to TV (via Teewe 2) without any hiccups. File transfer speeds are reasonable over the 2.4g (n) network. Decent...
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    Odd And Even Number Vehicles to be Allowed in Delhi on Alternate Days

    Good intention poor conception. To make it fair for a car owner, Kejribaba should consider reducing the road tax on vehicles by 50% as users wont be allowed to use the road on 50% days.